Hello Ladies

@rocwieler: Hello ladies

It’s astounding how often this “catch phrase” of mine is poorly received. I’ve gotten nasty tweets, even nastier eve mails, and some emails that are nastier still. Most of them can be pared down to this single sentiment:

I’m not a lady. Don’t insult me by calling one.

Wow. Just wow. 

Some perceive me as arrogant, sexist, crass, and dismiss me as one-dimensional. Let me tell you something about me in regards to women.

I love women.

All shapes, sizes, colours, religions. Women are the givers of life. Women are empathetic. I would trust a woman’s intuition over a man’s any day. Women are sexy, intelligent, charming, sweet, sensitive, far more disciplined than any man. Women have a higher threshold for pain. Women are nurturing and have a greater tolerance for bullshit. I would rather spend my time with a delightful woman than with a man. Women are simply wonderful. I have nothing but the utmost respect and admiration for women.

That is my view on women.

So when I say “Hello ladies” and you’re offended, doesn’t that reveal more about your opinion of them?

7 responses to “Hello Ladies

  1. I think that is a simplistic and old fashioned point of view. How are you making that call? Some women are highly disciplined as are some men.the majority of people exist in the middle ground of the traits that you mention, both male and female.
    Personally I find your catchphrase a little cheesy, it doesn’t offend me but I do find it mildly sexist, even with your above explanation, as a woman.

  2. While I often find you many of those things, I certainly wouldn’t call you sexist! It should also be mentioned that women tend to be much better marksmen (markswomen?) than men before either recieve training.

    PS – I voted for you. 😀

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