Roc’s Sally Up Challenge

With just over six weeks until the 10th anniversary EVE Online Fanfest in Iceland, I thought this was a wonderful time for one of Roc’s Challenges. It doesn’t have to be Fanfest that is your hard milestone, it could be anything. Want to be ready for the beach? Have a wedding coming up? Whatever your milestone is, Roc’s Sally Up Challenge will definitely help you get there. 


“Green Sally Up. Green Sally Down. Green Sally Up. Green Sally Down.” It’s a simplistic chant that will forever change the way you do pushups. The idea of the Sally Up is that you begin in a rested position, hands to your sides, ready to do pushups. As the song starts, so will you.

  • Every time you hear the word “up” you will do a pushup, holding at the top plank position
  • Every time you hear the word “down” you will descend into a yoga style pushup, holding yourself very close to the ground, but never resting

That’s it.

The song you will need to use is Flower by Moby. It’s 3m25s in duration. It’s 99 cents on Amazon or iTunes, but I’m sure you can find it elsewhere for free.

As mentioned in the YouTube video, I’ll be posting an update to this once per week for the next four weeks. Why only four? I have a serious shredding phase right before Fanfest so need to wrap this up before then.

I encourage you to record yourself as well. It will help you see where your form slips, where you can adjust your breathing, and give you the opportunity to post your boast when you hit your all time high.

Fly strong.

PS. For added inspiration, look at an extreme version of this challenge below:

9 responses to “Roc’s Sally Up Challenge

  1. If someone’s let themselves get out of shape to the point when just one push up is a struggle, what would you suggest? I’ve seen suggestions for doing ‘wall push ups.’ Worth while to get started?

    • You can try starting with knee pushups, where your knees on the ground. Make sure to keep your feet at your ass so you don’t damage your kneecap.

      If you are unable to do that, then yes, wall/counter pushups are great. Of course, if you finish all 3m25s of the song on your first time through, you might need to increase your angle and difficulty.

      I’m impressed that you would rather set realistic goals and succeed then not not try at all for fear of failure. Well done.

  2. Huh, I thought I posted here the other day.

    Tried this on Monday night. I didn’t make it all the way through. It was the plank periods that killed me. Waiting to do my next pushup for 5-10 seconds or so. By the way, this song is only 30 pushups.

    Great exercise. Thanks!

  3. Looking good, my old friend. I don’t get around here very often because I’m so busy these days but your fitness posts are inspiring. I should try this with wall pushups; my upper body strength is kaput thanks to general lack of fitness and old riding injuries…I am sure improving my fitness/strength would help to mitigate some of the creaks, aches, and pains. Re wall pushups, would one seek the most acute angle manageable to start, for best effect?

    • Hello darlin, good to see you as always.

      TL;DR Yes, you are right.

      You should always start as intensely as possible, but also safely. Always push yourself. If you are doing wall pushups and can finish the entire song on the first try, well duh, too easy. If you can’t get through 5 seconds, too hard. So far in the various groups I have doing this, male and female, the average first attempt time has been 45 seconds.

      I’d gauge your level of effort to be around that time to start.

      Truly nice to hear from you. Always know you’re still in my thoughts.

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