End of an EON

I was genuinely shocked at the news:

Fly safe EON, old chum. Over eight years you did some good stuff and helped a few people to their dream jobs (and me to a dream wife), but it’s time to settle into the retirement village for old game magazines and tell anyone who’ll listen how EVE used to be. I’ll pop by from time to time to see how you’re coping. – Richie Shoemaker

I get it. It’s a digital age and a lot of large publications have been struggling, let alone the little magazine that could. I understand that EON is no longer considered commercially viable. It still sucks.


EON Was a gorgeous magazine. I was always impressed with that. The writing was usually high quality though sometimes the editing was a little lax. I was proud to have my advertisements in EON. I was proud to be featured in EON. EON was a stepping stone for me, and many others, to becoming professionally published.

It may continue to exist in some form. Perhaps a blog? Maybe someone will pick up the digital publication torch and make a go of it that way? I know Richie, Oliver, Chris and I discussed that a few years back with Capsuleer (when we were considering an iPad version). If I had the time, I might even talk about pursuing this, but I’m already stretched too thin as is.

I want to say thanks to the MMM Publishing team for EON, for the fun times we had, for the not so fun, for the privilege of being part of something that is now historical.

I will definitely be one of those old vets telling the young pilots of tomorrow how EVE used to be. Fly safe old friends.

7 responses to “End of an EON

  1. It was just WAY TOO PRICEY. I once, did a one year subscription to it and did not renew the subscription because of the very high cost, it just wasn’t worth it. It IS a good magazine. I suspect the only reason it was as viable for as long as it was because that it managed to get enough one time year long subscriptions from noobs who didn’t know better.

  2. Well, things come and go, and unfortunately, it is usually the good things that are the first to go. I too will be telling new capsuleers about the old days in my own way.

  3. Belloche, the reason it was so pricey is because there was zero advertising in the magazine. And by that, I mean real world advertising, not in game bought with isk advertising. When you consider the cost of actual producing a magazine, at roughl $15US an issue, the price was pretty damn good.

    I’ll miss it, that’s for damn sure. Maybe I need to pick up the issues I got in digital format in a physical format so that way I have the entire run.

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