Merry Christmas to me

I wanted to say thank you for all you do. You are a continued inspiration and have made a big difference in my own life during the past year. I don’t think you realize just how much impact your journey has on others. Merry Christmas, Colonel, I hope the Amarr enjoy your gift.

PS. Please don’t publish my name if this ends up on your blog. I don’t want people asking me for stuff.

I had read the message enroute to my hangar earlier that morning. It had sparked a curiousity within me, as I wasn’t one used to receiving gifts. I had pledged to do so with a grateful and humble heart.


As I stood in my hangar now, I was literally stunned at what I saw – a brand new Minmatar Talwar destroyer straight off the manufacturing line. At first glance it looked like a construction rig, but once I got to examining the systems more closely, I began to appreciate her own intimate niceties. She would be a good ship to fly. I’d have to do some research and experimentation to find an ideal fitting, but that was always part of the fun.

I re-read the message, this time pausing to digest the part about being an inspiration to others. It was funny really. She had given me two gifts and hadn’t even realized it. If I had the capacity to change even one life for the better, then wasn’t it my responsibility to continue doing the things I did? What greater gift could their be?

If I don’t happen to speak with you again before the festivities begin, have yourself a merry little Christmas, and may all your Amarr burn bright.

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