Huge Beast – Day 42


I was exhausted. There had been a great many things on my plate for quite a while. The war never ended. The corporation was consistently overbusy. The workouts were grueling. Romance in my life took effort as well. There were times when it just felt like there wasn’t enough of ol’ Roc to go around. I wasn’t motivated in the least to do this Bulk Shoulders workout. I easily could’ve just gone through the motions, but that was never my style.


“Everyone ready?” I barked, lifting the weights into position for the first superset. I knew given my current state that I wouldn’t give my all had I chosen to go this workout alone. I had also noticed over the previous few weeks that the few gym goers at that time of day had been adopting some of the bodybeast exercises into their own routines. What better way to motivate myself than to motivate others? Five of them had quickly gathered when I put out the open call to the floor to do this workout with me.

It forced me to do it right. It encouraged me to keep lifting heavy. It was the right move.


One more awesome workout out of the way. Of course, I got a little “talking to” from the fitness coordinator at the facility, who had herself worked up about me “training” others, which wasn’t allowed in her facility as she had her own inept staff for that.

I asked her to cite me just one example of where I wasn’t doing my workout, instructing others, correcting form, or otherwise doing anything that would indicate I was training others. She couldn’t. It wasn’t my fault others imitated the workout I was doing. Perhaps she should have a talk with them instead of me.

It was early. I was tired and in no mood for niceties.

Frustrated, she walked away, reminding me that I wasn’t allowed to train others. I let her have the last word, a smug and pompous smile on my face.

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