Be Thankful

In some cultures throughout our universe, today is recognized as the Day of Thanks. I believe it’s even a statutory holiday for many, a time to get together with family and friends, those whom you cherish most, and surround us in the warmth of that love, laughing, free of care, furthering the bonds you share.

On this day, I find myself thinking about my own people, about those Minmatar who have not yet tasted freedom. They live in hovels, in poverty, many addicted to Vitoc, many whipped into a compliant attitude or servitude, and yet, they are thankful. They are thankful for the lives they have, for the family they know, and they count their blessings.

They inspire me.

There are many with much, much more, that still only crave greater power, greater wealth, greater influence. There is no thankfulness in their hearts, only corruption and vain aspirations. I often have to check myself against this type of mentality. As a capsuleer I have lived a long time, and if I’m smart about things, will live forever. It’s hard not to be arrogant.

Today, I want to express my own personal thanks. I am a very fortunate man. My needs are met. My wants are met. I am loved. I love. I belong and do my best to make others belong. I have the trust and admiration of many and reciprocate in kind.

I am thankful to you, my fans, for your continued inspiration in all I do, whether it be working out, music, fiction writing, or simply flying in a fleet together. You have always been there for me, and I hope I will always be here for you.

Be thankful

2 responses to “Be Thankful

  1. Thanks Roc, thought of you yesterday as I was out on a pre-Thanksgiving 8k run. Achieved my own goals, unimpressive in the great scheme of things but I had fun and the hurt today is a good hurt. I will battle the pain with turkey.


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