Huge Beast – Day 7


Sunday morning and I’m at the gym. It felt good to sleep in. Of course, most 9-5 civilians sleep in on Sundays, but for me, this was a welcome rest. Starting over today with chest and triceps. I always feel more confident the second time around. I also like to increase my weights by 5 lbs. No matter how much we think we give it everything we have, we always hold back. By increasing the weight, I can continue to focus on giving it my all.


The hot water runs down my body and feels absolutely fantastic. It was a hard workout. My body knows the moves now. It understands the tempo. The extra weight has left me trembling, but glad I pushed myself.

Enjoy a wonderful day.


I’ve been going non-stop all damn day. I can’t believe the amount of energy I’ve had. No crash. I’ve been more productive in my efforts today than I have in a long while.

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