Huge Beast – Day 5


I’m sitting outside the gym door. They open in 15 minutes. I’m super excited. It’s Beast cardio and Beast abs. I enjoy both of those things immensely.


Ok, this is a beastly workout. Very intense, whole body plyometrics. Dayum! Exactly what I was hoping for.


Hmmm, where did the intensity go?


Beast cardio done and I’m barely sweating. That was a bit of a disappointment. Maybe it’s because I’ve done the Insanity program recently, but Sagi, I’m sorry to say you’ve got nothing over Shaun T. I’ll give this session another go next time, but may swap it out for Insanity Max Cardio.


Hmmm, Beast abs wasn’t really beastly either. I know I’m not superhuman, despite what the ladies say, so what gives? I’m gonna have to blame Insanity again. Will try Beast abs next time, but will probably swap it out with P90X Ab Ripper or Insanity Max Abs. We’ll see.

At least I feel loose and limber. That was my primary goal. Biceps are still sore and swollen from Wednesday’s workout.

In other news, Double J has started a secret Facebook Group called Roc’s 90 Day Challenge. As much as he enjoys my blog, he wanted more for this. Roc’s 90 Day Challenge is a great place where we can share recipes, stories, encourage each other, etc. You don’t have to do the Body Beast program. You don’t even have to commit for 90 days.

What I ask is that you simply commit to something. We’re all here to encourage each other, to motivate each other towards better life. Being a secret group of course, you’ll have to add me to Facebook, which you can do HERE. In your invite message, please mention Roc’s 90 Day Challenge so I know I should add you.

Fly strong,


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