Huge Beast – Day 3

DAY 2 – 2217

I can’t believe this corp meeting is still going. Ordinarily they take about an hour, maybe ninety minutes. This one has gone on for over three hours. People just keep talking in circles about decisions already made. I want to sleep. My body demands eight hours of sleep per night.

DAY 2 – 2238

zzzzzz …


Why am I even awake? Ah, need to urinate. One litre per 50 lbs of body weight per day adds up quickly. I swear I spend more time in the washroom than anywhere else. At least when I’m flying I can just piss in my pod. It truly is a convenience I try not to take for granted.


zzzzzzzz …


Slept straight through my alarm. I’m exhausted. My acadian rhythm is still in sync and wakes me anyway. I should already be on my way to the gym but I am so sore. What can it hurt to sleep in just once? I think of writing this entry today and trying to explain away my excuses. I fail.


I’m at the gym and begin my workout, back and biceps. Lovely.


People think I am a harsh trainer, that I push beyond what should be expected. I’m even more demanding of myself. Regardless, the trainer of Body Beast is downright brutal. I like him. Seriously though, who puts three sets of wide grip pull-ups as the last exercise in a combo set? I can hardly pull my body up. No excuses. Whatever it takes.


Mantras work for a reason. The mind can be conditioned. Once conditioned it can overcome anything. I truly believe that. It explains why there are thousands of catch phrases, motivational snippets to help us mold the mind. The recurring theme in this program is “Whatever it takes”. I keep chanting it to myself, willing myself to believe it as I push through the last set of hammer curl combos.


What is that stinging? I look at my thumb knuckles. I’m torn the skin. Definitely from the hammer curls. Time to start wearing the gloves. My chest and triceps are killing me from Monday’s workout. My legs are starting to stiffen up from yesterday. My body will adjust. I have to believe that.


I feel fantastic. I’m fully energized and invigorated. I’m ready to get out and kill some Amarr. I wonder how my corpmates are doing, Freddy C and Mike G? I haven’t seen them check in yet on their programs.

Ladies, I’m calling you out. Where’s your reports? Where’s your daily status? Be accountable. Open yourself up for encouragement. I expect a response.

3 responses to “Huge Beast – Day 3

  1. Hey there;

    I’m just getting ready to hit the gym. I dropped my daughter off at school and had a client con-call first.

    I was happy last night when I was working at my computer and I decided that I didn’t need that bowl of cereal that was calling my name. That was a win.

    Looking forward to being cut.

    Still haven’t done my Day 0 photos. Oops!

  2. started Insanity program 3 days ago and now I know why they its called ‘Insanity”. Dropped 6 lbs of water retention, motivated for sure.

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