Body Beast Challenge

We all need to be inspired. That right there should be a Roc’s Rule.

We all need to be held accountable. Public accountability is the best, and the worst. Pictures of ourselves, out there for anyone and everyone to see, it can be quite embarrassing should we fail ourselves and not follow through. For me, I’ve always found putting myself out there though this outlet to be spectacularly successful. It’s because of you, reading this blog, just as you are now.


We’ve all heard of P90X. Most of us have probably heard of the Insanity Workout (I’ve got big quads). People that have successfully completed either of these programs will attest to the credibility of They make good stuff. Hell, I still own the first P90 program, no X. People that haven’t succeeded of course always have excuses for why it’s a scam, etc, etc. To be honest, it’s not for everyone. Both programs demand a high level of commitment, and a radical shift in nutritional thinking. It’s simply too much for some people. Some people want to ease in to a healthy lifestyle, which always make me chuckle. I digress.

Beachbody has introduced a new program. One of my readers pointed it out to me. It’s called the Body Beast Program. As I like to keep abreast of things, I now have the complete package. I’ve already been reviewing the videos, preparing myself to do the program, as well as comparing the techniques against those I’ve been working on for my Brutor Guide to Empyrean Health project.

So far, I’m impressed. It looks like it’s gonna hurt. A lot.

I’m going to put up pictures on this blog, hopefully to inspire others. Yet I thought it might be time we all did something together. I want to make this a community challenge for the Roc Nation, Ill Roc Soldiers, Team Roc, all of us. So I’m putting a countdown timer on the right hand side of this blog.

I’m currently three weeks out from finishing my current program, and then will be taking one week for recovery. That means I’ll be starting the Beast Body program on September 24th, finishing Christmas Eve. What better present to give myself than the beastliest body possible?

It also gives you plenty of time to get the program, review it, look at seo services and sign up in the comments below. Once you’ve signed up, send me your Day 0 picture. We’ll do this together. It’s going to be awesome.

21 responses to “Body Beast Challenge

  1. I see CultFit has liked this post. has some great workout ideas and recipes.

    Know what though, friend? I challenge you to get your people to participate. Make it an official event for them. CultFit does the Body Beast Challenge starting September 24th.

    You game?

  2. Sign me up, I’m in. I’m getting the Body Beast workout right now. I’m going to continue on the Brutor Max workout until Sept 22nd. In the meantime, I’m going to work on the lighting for my Day 0 photo.

  3. 18 days until Body Beast. Just thought I’d remind you in case you weren’t checking your home page.

    Question about this workout: how do you recommend watching and listening to the video while in the gym?

    • I actually have put the videos on my iPhone and have been reviewing them ahead of time to make sure I know all the exercises. When it comes gym time, I’ll simply plug my headphones in, get in the zone, and do the workout.

  4. How many people are doing this challenge? Is there a Facebook group or something where we can post things? Photos, recipes, questions, etc…?

    Looking forward to it! I’ve been prepping myself for the change in schedule.

  5. I was hoping to keep comments and such in this post as I do for Day 0 posts and such. We could consider a Facebook group if you wish. Currently there are 4 people signed up.

    I guess not everyone is up for the challenge.

    • I guess it doesn’t matter how many or how few are signed up, what matters is that I’m doing it (or that you are doing it). It doesn’t matter who isn’t doing it! So 4 it is! That’s great news!

      I just think the problem with post here is that it becomes one long thread that is hard to navigate the content. Facebook is so good at sharing content (ie: links to stuff) and is so easy to use.

      Hey, I just had a thought – wouldn’t it be great if we all met up on the 23rd as a kick-off get together of sorts? I’d love to meet the other contestants in this challenge.

      • Good thought. Global Internet 🙂 I think we 4 are local as fate would have it. Let’s see if we can do it up. I’ll setup a Facebook group today.

        Sent from my iPhone. Attachments may not be downloaded. Thank you.

  6. I’m ready.

    I’d like to suggest that we share a lot of information about the food that we’ll be eating. Recipes and suggestions. I feel sometimes there are a lot of options when it comes to the food, and sometimes I think I’d just like to make no decisions.

    Something like: Ok, it’s wednesday night, so I’m eating salmon for dinner tonight. Tomorrow, 6oz of grilled chicken with a salad. It may make it easier to focus on the overall goals if I can spend less time questioning what food I’ll be needing to eat.

    Thoughts? One thought I could have is that each of us could put together a weekly menu (portion size could change based on the individual person), then we could swap the menu, and then rotate the menu every 4 weeks.


  7. I’ve decided I’ll be doing an ongoing post each day, Body Beast – Day 1, etc. We can all contribute to each daily post with as much information about everything as possible – food, feeding times, sleep, water, how we feel, challenges, injuries, motivation, everything.

      • I’ll be using a custom meal planner I’ve used for other programs. We can still post what we’re going to eat for the week. It simply means that we can also reflect on it each day if we so desire.

        Essentialy, by creating a day by day, we can hopefully inspire others who have opted not to do the program this time.

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