The Glory of Mason Jars

“I just don’t have the time, sir!” he said in response to my demanding inquiry about why he wasn’t following the workout regimen I had given him. I could feel my blood boiling, my skin flushing red, my forehead and neck veins throbbing with anger. I didn’t believe in wasting people’s time. I knew how important my time was, and how I felt when it was wasted, and I expected the same in return. I had far better things to do with my off hours than work through physical formulas customized ideally to an individual only to have them ignore my efforts, failing to make any of their own.

“Really?!?” I said, spittle and sarcasm escaping my mouth as my annoyance spilled forward. “Did the slaver hound eat your homework? Are you not a pilot of the Tribal Liberation Force? Do you not show up for your simulator time? Do you show up late for your wing detail? If it’s important, we all manage to make the time. It’s like you’re being willfully stupid.”

I threw my hands up in disgust. Sure, for some it could be a de-motivational moment, being berated by the one meant to encourage you, but know what? I didn’t care. I could cater my ways to meet an individual’s personality, but this wasn’t my profession. I was a Matar Colonel in the Minmatar militia. I simply shared what knowledge I had accrued in my own journey towards maintaining a healthier lifestyle. I wasn’t there to spoon feed or coddle you. I was there helping from the goodness of my heart, volunteering my own time and energy under the belief that everyone deserved a chance at good health.

I scrambled with my Neocom furiously. “Here,” I said, transmitting an article I had written to his mobile unit. “Let me make it even easier for you. Get back to me when you’re actually ready to make a life change.”


You have no time to make a healthy meal. You don’t want to spend every evening preparing food choices and cooking. I don’t blame you. I know I don’t do that.


Here’s 12 HEALTHY SMOOTHIE recipes for you. That’s one excuse shattered. Moving on.


  • plain greek yogurt
  • cut up your favourite fruits
  • grab some granola and nuts
  • start layering

With about 10 minutes of effort you’ll have breakfasts for the week! What’s that? Another excuse gone? Damn straight.


Go follow THIS RECIPE but instead of leaving the oats in a pot overnight, put it in mason jars.

I’m tired of excuses. You should be too. You deserve better for yourself.

One response to “The Glory of Mason Jars

  1. I will make one comment regarding the Oats in Mason Jars.

    Quick Cook oats are the work of the devil and should be avoided at all cost. Oatmeal needs to be soaked over-night to obtain the correct amount of moisture to cook properly and avoid steel cut oats, unless you are a horse. Try and find proper oatmeal, i.e Oats that have been ground between 2 millstones. Most of what people call Oatmeal is actually oat flakes, and while they are ok, they are missing most of the bran and most of the flavor. This is the brand I buy – but there are others.

    The recipe is fine, other than its better made with Milk than water and dont stir often, stir constantly. All it needs is a little salt for flavor. forget the cinnamon etc, although I do sometimes throw in 4 chopped prunes.

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