Fitness Twister

I once mentioned Fitness Twister as an interesting and fun alternative to regular exercise classes. You’d be surprised at how many inquiries I’ve received regarding this topic.


  • new and improved Twister – includes two new moves, “air” and “twist” – $15
  • Gymboss Timer – – $20

$35 for countless hours of fun and fitness. So, how’s it work? Well, for starters, play it like regular Twister, warming up your muscles and getting over your sense of embarrassment. Once you have warmed up, move on to the following:

  • hold each pose for 30 seconds (advanced users hold for 60 seconds)
  • keep your hands flat
  • you may not reposition any body part in order to execute a move (cannot lift hand to get leg through as an example)


  • Really want to be embarrassed? Try playing with your kids. They will kick your ass at this every single time.


  • Need to spice things up with your partner? Add some baby oil and remove some clothing and this game takes on a whole new level of fun.


  • For every move made, drink a shot of something nasty. Last one standing is the winner.

I managed to convince some coworkers to participate in Fitness Twister, just to illustrate how challenging yet fun it can be. Enjoy.

Got any variations you’d like to share? Or a video of your own? I look forward to it!

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