Quantum Dreams and Visions

Before we begin:

Ok. Ready?

We are all three-dimensional beings living in the fourth dimension. It’s almost incomprehensible to imagine the fourth dimension as we only able to exist in a single slice of the fourth dimension, moment by moment, much like our imagined two-dimensional brethren would find it unfathomable to fully comprehend us as three-dimensional beings.

We perceive time as a forward and linear progression. We can recall past moments but are unable to envelop our entire personal timeline from conception to death as a whole. As I said, we are three-dimensional beings.

I personally believe there is a difference between dreams and visions. When I dream, I observe myself within the dream, almost as if I am watching myself in a movie in which I am the star. My dreams can be crazy, or not, and feel as truthful as my real life experiences.

How I differentiate a dream from a vision is something minute, and possibly unnoticed by most. I never used to be aware of it until someone happened to mention this theory to me at an earlier age. Visions are just as truthful as real life experiences, can feel just as real or unbelievable as a dream can. The only thing that makes a vision different from a dream is perspective. In visions, I always see everything through my own eyes.

Throughout time there have been many references to a type of event commonly known as a déjà vu. Essentially, this is a momentary experience in the third dimension that seems almost surreal, like we’ve already experienced it in our past but know this is the first time the experience has occurred. The déjà vu is typically seen through our own eyes, evidenced with vivid details across all of our senses, and is hard to explain away through any rational means.

There are many different historic names for the déjà vu experience: vision, prophecy, premonition, precognition, dream quest, and dozens of others, if not more.

Some attribute the sensation of déjà vu to their deity or spirituality of choice, that this glimpse into their future life is evidence of divine intervention or proof of the spiritual realm.

Some would say only the weak-minded follow a spiritual belief as it is easier than trying to explore a more pragmatic explanation to things beyond ourselves we fail to understand. These people have their own unquantifiable and mystical beliefs in things like time travel, and that perhaps the déjà vu experience is their future self interceding to alter the course of their past – very fifth dimensional thinking. Another science fictional belief could be that it’s someone else’s future self, or a being from a different dimension, interceding to change the course of history to better us, them, or the universe(s) as a whole. The higher along the dimensions we allow ourselves to think, the more endless the possibilities.

It all gets a little mind bending to me, so I will step back to the fourth dimension.

Human evolution/adaptation/development is an interesting thing. Technology advances, cost of entry into functional society increases but is paid at an earlier age, and we continue to move forward at an alarming rate. Look at all the things we have accomplished as a people since the legends of the eve gate exodus.

Let me posit this. What if our unconscious mind, in its rested state, is capable of more than we allow as conscious beings? Scientists are always talking about the untapped potential of the brain, so what if while we sleep, we actually become fourth dimensional beings, if even for a moment? What if we travel along our own timeline, glimpsing a moment in our future, but storing that memory in our unconscious present? Wouldn’t that explain why it feels like we’ve already experienced said moment when the déjà vu occurs? It makes sense because if this theory true, we already have experienced it in our future.

It does lend itself to another interesting religious topic though, that being pre-destination. There are many belief systems that adhere to the concept that their entire fates are already written, that nothing they can do can alter the course of their lives. Many that adhere to time travel theory also believe that “what’s done is done”, and that changing the past, no matter how desired, is simply not achievable. Of course, some simply believe that the past shouldn’t be altered for fear of what unknown consequences may result in the future – that whole butterfly effect thing.

Granted, the underlying hypocrisy to pre-destination is that if one truly believed their fate to be unalterable due to divine direction, why would they bother looking both ways when crossing the street?

Me? Well, here’s my thoughts on the matter, even though I’m quickly digressing from the original topic. Imagine that.

The fourth dimension is the sum of every decision we make throughout our lives. In essence, it is a static timeline of what we do. The higher dimensions are based on the decisions we didn’t make, in every combination possible, as well as the unmade decision combinations of everyone within our universe, and within every universe that exists for every combination of decisions made until we eventually hit the double infinity of the tenth dimension.

On the one hand, it is pre-determined. If we were fourth dimensional creatures we would be able to see the entirety of our timeline as a whole, as I mentioned earlier. If we were fifth dimensional beings, we could take it one step further, and be able to bend all of our possible timelines into one in order to create the best possible fourth dimension we can possibly have.

Once again, I am a three-dimensional being stuck in the fourth dimension. I experience déjà vu because my timeline is predestined by the choices I’ve made and the choices I still have left to make.

Of course, maybe the whole déjà vu experience is a side effect of the Jovian technology I employ as a capsuleer that allows me to command massive spaceships with my brain; the same technology used to transfer my consciousness from a dying husk into a waiting cloned shell.

Or maybe it all just hurts my head to think about.

What are your thoughts?

10 responses to “Quantum Dreams and Visions

  1. Two words, Heisenberg Uncertainty. In the realm of Quantum Mechanics, the probability of any quanta being at any given point is infinite for all points – those also being infinite. That is, until you measure it. At the moment of measurement, we perceive the quanta as a particle that appears to be at one point relative to our frame of reference. That does not mean the particle was always there nor does it mean it will be there again. It only means it was there the last time you looked for it.

    Time is also a quanta. The probability of all time, past, present and future as we call it, being at any given moment is infinite and there are infinite moments. In truth, there is no past, present or future – until we look for it. We make a decision and that shows us where time is at that moment. Our lives are a stream of time moments like that, one after another. We are limited in our ability to interpret these measurements though. We can remember past events but not change them. We can create current events but lack the perception necessary to truly shape them. We anticipate future moments (think about playing chess and planning moves ahead of time) but the perceived outcomes are only an infinitesimally small fraction of the number of possibilities.

    When most people think of predetermination, they do so with the extremely limited field of view imposed by our linear frame of reference. They believe incorrectly that there is only one set of possible outcomes to our series of moments. That is untrue. There are an infinite number of possible outcomes but we end up only experiencing one as is our nature. So in that way predeterminationists are wrong.

    But they are actually right. They just don’t know it. Since everything happens through the infinite probabilities of quantum theory, everything is predetermined and we can wander that path as we like. Some people have an uncanny ability to see more than one path. When that happens, we often call it a vision. In a way it is. They were able to see some of that infinite probability. It’s like finally getting to measure an electron’s position AND it’s momentum at the same time.

  2. And as usual, you come out of left field with something that has an amazing amount of depth to it. What would make us, the capsuleers? As we have the ability to die, come back, and go alter an outcome by taking on the same chain of events again?

    • We’re still three dimensional beings. We are not able to see our entire timeline at once. Ultimately, we will suffer the truth death. So we are still stuck on that single 4th dimensional timeline – ours is just much longer than that of the normals.

      • Very true brother. Didn’t consider the inevitability of true death. ..off topic, I believe there was a contest prize in the form of a story written by you that is still as of yet unwritten. I’m not worried about it though, just felt like giving you shit.

  3. Have you ever read anything about lucid dreaming? That seems to be what you’re describing when you talk about ‘perspective’ in dreams.

  4. Hmm… I wouldn’t agree that we’re three dimensional beings.

    A wise man once said that if Humanity wants to conquer Space, then they should improve their understanding for Spiritual Life. As far as I know there is a Physical world that we perceive with our five senses. This world rests it the four dimensions. But there is also a Spiritual world that some of us may also perceive, because we have our “sixth sense” which can be our intuition, our ether body (aura) or both.

    I am pretty sure that we do have additional senses that enable us to perceive the rest of the dimensions, but we just haven’t used to use them.

    Also – the laws in this Spiritual world are not bound to the physical laws as we know them. Spiritual laws are high above everything physical and in certain circumstances using Spiritual Technology we will be able to alter and even ignore physical laws.

    I’ve heard that the Physical world rests in the four dimensions and the Spiritual world rests in another six dimensions, that some physics from Earth have called Quantum world…

    Some wouldn’t agree with me but the pieces of information that I managed to gather from ancient Earth books that I found makes me think that all this is true.

    Actually I’ve heard of a book that has been written 2000 years before the new era on Earth, that describers the secrets of that Spiritual Technology. It seems strange that ancient humans have had such knowledge, but I guess this is just one more piece of the puzzle.

    Another thing that I learned about this Spiritual Technology is that it is made for selfless purposes. Egoistic minds and goals would suffer a great pain if they use it. Maybe that’s why the ancient humans eventually have lost it.

    Well, we just have to find these pieces of knowledge. 🙂

  5. Perhaps my own insights into this would be unimpressive in the sight of most. I won’t pretend to use strange or clever words, and if indeed these things were always possible then they precede such definitions. I take your half role-play logic and bring to the table the serious part and I’ll talk a little of what I know/experienced with altered states and deja vu. But let me begin by saying I don’t take myself for a mystic and don’t, please, write me off as a quack. I test everything, and though I consider myself on a quest to religion, by the strict definition of the word, I stare long and hard before I can call anything an apparition or a vision. As for deja vu, I’ve always had them since I was a teenager and often now as every week, though their intensity or burn in always vary by the circumstance I find myself in, the situation that was foreseen. More often than not they come in dreams and fade upon waking, because they just don’t make sense: clocks and music and a color, but when your senses capture those, each very particular, in one instant, the deja vu is triggered and you know it was not about clocks pointing at eleven, the color of a carpet, and the intro to a show on the tube, but of the moment, and it’s always hard to figure out what the next move should be (should have been?). I’ve experienced in dreams a…breaking of the perception of “distance” and you would reach out but for the fact that the place/substance directly in front of you are infinitely far off. I’ve been shown in a dream, among a whirling blue and white, the most turbulent and serene place I’ve ever known, orbs with a scene of my life in each one, each by the way that life could turn out for me and was both awed and terrified, but above all, humbled. I woke up very quietly that morning, from a dream that can never fade, with the conviction that God does not so much predestine you, to doom you, to an unalterable future, but has SEEN every possible path you could, would, or want to take and knows how you will be in each. The equivalent of this would be if you were to stand on the edge of the grand canyon and drop five smooth stones into it. One man, perhaps an investor, will say, they’ll stop when they hit the bottom. The scientist, perhaps, they’ll stop when I can no longer hear them. The materialist, keep on at it! you’ll never fill it! But, without going down, I consider the possibilities of their speed to every bounce, every contact with another stone (will there be even one at the bottom in the end or perhaps 20?), their weight (would they even get down there together?). What if they fracture? Perhaps I should have thrown them. Only when you realize that One has already determined where they would land, stay, and how long until dust and rain would cover them again. That day you will not think about which way you should turn, but how you will walk it. Like the stones, we all bounce off each other. That there are stranger things than a game that can bring us together. A clone in Eve is nothing but the memories of another man inside another shell, just as you cannot cup the last breath of air from a dying man and expect his life to be in it. There is a time when our eyes will be restored to us, to see then just as we do now, and hear with our own ears what each man’s fall will bring him. Should I even post this?

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