Just some random stuff that has been going on lately …

ROC WIELER FEATURED AS GUEST ON 100TH EPISODE OF COMPLETE GEEK RADIO – 100 episodes of any podcast is worth celebrating, and I’ve got to be honest, there is a certain candid appeal to being able to express myself uncensored.

ROC WIELER – BIO – ORIGINAL ALBUM REVIEW REVISITED – My original Eve inspired album, Bio, was received well by fans and critics alike. The album gets revisited and critiqued anew by Giancarlo. For the record, I’ve never had a distaste for the existing Eve soundtrack; I just think it could be better.

HE SHOOTS, HE SCORES AWARD – I’d sincerely like to thukk the academy for this award. While I was unable to attend the live event itself, I was deeply supportive of the cause, and grateful for being asked to contribute by Rixx Javix and Seismic Stan. It’s always fun for me creating music specific to a piece. You can listen to the full blues track for the effort HERE.

ROC NATION or TEAM ROC – You’d be surprised how much fanmail I actually get, and while some of it makes me shake my head at people’s stupidity on the internet, some of them make me laugh while others sincerely touch my heart. I do reply to every email. If I haven’t gotten to yours yet, please be patient. Geez, makes me sound like a celebrity when the truth is I’m just very busy. One topic that has come up several times in email is that I should have a dedicated name for my fans, the most popular suggestions being Roc Nation and Team Roc. Roc Nation, of course, is used by JAY-Z. Do we dare to compete with this? Team Roc has a certain appeal as well. What are your thoughts? Do you think either of these is a winner, or do you have another suggestion?


I’ve also been thinking of new ideas for the STORE O ROC. I can never own enough t-shirts, but want something for my own brand to stick out. I researched what is out there already by Googling the crap outta Roc. Here’s a montage of some of the results:

Aside from that, I finally learned what FML means, and have been trying to influence Twitter to adopt #RML instead. Turns out that #RML is a popular tag for South Americans. Not sure why. Hmmm, maybe I should make a shirt that says #RML?

I’m also trying to figure out the logistics of a possible DJ gig in Las Vegas for an Eve event in October. Could be fun.

So, that’s me. What have you been up to lately?


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