New Eden Soundtrack – Critic Review

Roc Wieler’s – New Eden Soundtrack Review

The journey of Roc Wieler continues with New Eden Soundtrack, a production that demonstrates both versatility and complex dynamics accompanying layers of ambient textures shadowing the entire premises. We cannot generalize this album under one specific bracket, as it contains variations of electronic, ambient, new-classical and new age – hence soundtrack is in fact the only applicable genre for Roc’s seventh outing. Once you have embarked on this journey, your mind will transform into a creative solitude, where you cannot help but visualize the universe Roc Wieler is a part of.

“Welcome to New Eden”– begins with whispers of mysterious sounds of sonic flute while granular synthesis gradually creeps in – to make room for ambient textures, screaming crickets and thumping sounds of metal drum, all utilized in conjunction to set your mood. You have arrived!

“Black Rise”– begins where the nature sounding introduction left off – the consistent dark cloud of drone slowly follows the metal sounds of drum that in turn calls for more sonic sounds of bliss gradually disappearing in to the mist just before hinting the next landmark – which perhaps is arguably the best from this production.

Granular tones of bells and chimes introduce you to “Kor Azor” following the hypnotic arpeggiated baseline accompanied with piano, textures and distorted beats elevating into an intense fusion of new classical-electronic sound that accumulates into one epic sounding track.

A monstrous drone creeping under your faces’ skin, and a constant choir, whispering from the background – a monotonous synth suddenly comes to rescue to calm things down only to make things more mysterious with an elevating bass that gradually fades out. If there were a sound for Evil – “Essence” would be it!

Now we land on the sound of “Metropolis” where the synth pop of the 80’s comes and goes and cinematic orchestra competes with the quickster drums and base. A fantastic fusion that will leave your creative mind time lapsing sequences of Roc’s ongoing journey.

A groove of ambiance is spread around by Roc’s “Delve” which is both soothing and crisp to the ears. There is some evident signs of funk that gives this track an identity of its own; with some subtle appearances from an intense string, melodic piano and carefully constructed distorted beats this track will be the surprise package of the lot.

The only word that could define “Pure Blind” is horror. A territory where every step echoes larger that the previous one, where distorted elements are disjointed beyond repair, your every move is to isolate fragrances of death that can be sensed all around until a screeching sound of a door is witnessed. An attention worthy track this, the sound design is impeccable here.

A much needed comfort zone is touched on “Fountain”, 80’s synth blended seamlessly with more contemporary sounds to give you an experience like no other. It is an emotional sounding peace at its core with surroundings of epicness.

Adrenal rushed high on “Germinate” where you can hear sounds of burning fire, a liquid synth flute, cinematic guitar and mantra like beat that gives you an experience of flying high…all this ends with the burned ashes falling into a soothing texture.

“Catch” gives you a feel of under ocean coldness, through blues of a planet this track travels smoothly with the help of an 80’s synth, soft pads and evolving drones. Textured and layered carefully to breathe in calmness in to your senses; this I will take to bed with me.

Creepy and ominous is the sound of “Stain”, a dark gritty track that should surely land under Kyle Cooper’s collection of his opening credits sequences – remember se7ven? The everlasting screeching sounds scrapes through your skull leaving you spellbound while it lasts.

If there is one unexpected guest on the list, it is “Great Wildlands” – not a bad track to listen to, having all the bells and whistles reminiscent to an 80’s sci-flick score, but that’s exactly where it fails to compliment the entire premise as it sounds just that and nothing more than a 80’s pop synth track which seems out of place for a versatile album.

“Auratorium” is encapsulated in patterns of modern, psychedelic and sophisticated layering. This track exuberates dynamics at every beat, with angelic vocals whispering, acoustic guitar spreading magic all around, saxophone, yes a saxophone doing a brilliant cameo – all accompanied by a beautiful pan flute, keeps you intoxicated. Another track that has merits of standing out as it defines the true contents of the album all on its own.

On the whole, New Eden Soundtrack is uniquely different from its predecessors yet brilliant in its own way. It’s a mature sounding album that encapsulates various elements of instrumentation and arrangements. Roc Wieler leaves you hypnotized as he moves on to the next journey, while we the fans, wait for another inspiring album to follow.

Ali Asim

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