New Eden Soundtrack Officially Released

First of all, Happy Canada Day!

Secondly, today marks the official launch of my seventh Eve inspired album, New Eden Soundtrack! Over one hour of dark, science fiction ambient music for you to set as the backdrop to your Eve Online experience.

As always, this album is available on over 32 digital distributors, including AMAZON.

Thank you for your continued support over the years and I hope you enjoy this album even more than you have my previous works.

28 responses to “New Eden Soundtrack Officially Released

  1. This is very good… The music fits EVE so well.

    I hope CCP buys the rights to use it in EVE Online. Would make me turn music back on in game and the PR of CCP buying music from a player would attract new players to the game.

  2. Abaddon21, we will eventually be running a music contest a’la the concept art contest that lead to the Tier 3 BCs. got signoff on it, just need a proper time. ~Manifest

    • Hey George,

      My original album, Bio, was physical, and while I did enjoy the extra effort of a physical CD with a sleeve, artwork and stories, very few people wanted it. In fact, the demand was for a digital release. Since then, the numbers have gone up drastically, and the costs have gone down. I know people like you and I are a minority nowadays, but I enjoy a good CD in the hand as well. Sadly, not gonna happen with my music.

  3. Very good! Listening to it on Spotify Premium right now! I was hoping for a Jita track, busy and crazy :-p Very good!

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