Supporting our own

I rarely post about fundraisers. I rarely ask others to give money to anyone but myself  for things I’ve made. I will not apologize for asking today and only hope you continue reading.

The Eve Online community might not be the biggest gaming community, but when it comes to being there for one another, we’ve always been strong and united. Enemies ingame matter little when it comes to the living human condition we all share. This has been seen time and again at Fanfest in Iceland, as well as by CCP led community initiatives for disaster recovery within our world.

Disaster comes in all shapes and sizes. Tragedy is tragedy. Sometimes we become desensitized when it affects an entire area or population. Sometimes when it’s personal it hits home harder.

I know an Eve player that is in the process of recovering from chemo therapy. To me it is one of the most aggressive, abrasive and barbaric forms of medical treatment we possess in our arsenal. I also know it is sometimes the best choice from an array of bad options. As if this battle wasn’t enough for any of us to face, this Eve player is close to losing his home in addition to what he has already suffered.

Know what he’s been doing during his recovery? Building a video game. Games are something we are all passionate about as Eve players. Games ignite our creativity, foster our social skills, broaden our analytical and tactical brains. Games are good. He’s not able to work at his regular career during his recovery. He’s using his passions and skills to do what he can to survive. He’s hoping that life is still worth living.

Nobody deserves this. I personally won’t stand for it.

I’m asking you to help me help him. I’m asking you to look at his Indiegogo project, SPECTRUM, and donate some money. I’m not asking you to do this only if you think the game is interesting, though that helps. I’m asking you to do this because it’s the right thing to do. It’s something within all of our means.

I’m asking you to be the good guy. All it takes is effort.

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