Fool’s Gold

I was recently involved in a Facebook conversation with my dear friend Barb Anderson (@fitnessbybarb on Twitter). She’s a remarkable trainer. Anyway, I gave this quote:

A trainer is worth their weight in gold. Sadly, there is a lot of fool’s gold out there.

You’ve seen me rant about the fitness industry – about unqualified trainers, the business of fitness, etc, etc, but I just finished reading an article that I really agree with. I know, I know, it’s not EVE, but if EVE is real, shouldn’t our health be real as well?


To add an example to this article, one of the things I find my adult group classes enjoy the most is the classic game of Twister. As a kid, it was easy to play. As an adult, it’s a workout in and of itself. Throw on a weight vest and it becomes even more trying. Pausing for 1 minute between each spin – devastating. If you’ve never tried it as an adult, I encourage you to get a few friends and give it a go. Just try not to slip on the sweat while you play.

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