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Back along after playing this amazing game called Eve Online I decided to start a blog, I just wanted to write about Eve Online whatever came to mind while I was playing. I loved the game and still do, the vibrant and helpful community are what keep me here the friends I made in the past years are what make me log in.

But there’s a certain person I’d like to give a personal thanks too. Mr Roc Wieler this gent was the reason I started writing an inspiration you could say, while I’d never be as good as him he inspired me to be as good as I can be. He’s written a lot over the years my two favourite blog updates are his rules ( I actually put the good ones on the whiteboard at work, makes me chuckle ) and also about his personal development in Eve and out of Eve. It’s good to see someone achieve so much and even over the past few years the determination for self improvement is still there and burning strong. His name is a apt one because this man is a Rock. And he’ll still be there when everyone else has burnt out.

A special thank you goes to you sir, you opened up a path in eve that I’ve enjoyed many times over. As I’ve said before and I’ll say again.

Roc is always relevant. Ask the ladies 😉

Rand o/

Bet you thought this entry was going to be about me, about how I inspire others to achieve their personal best, motivating them to overcome whatever hurdles face their lives, to rise above.


This post is about you, Rand, and others like us. Every day people that understand adversity, that understand what it is like to face our challenges head on, to push back against them, no matter how insurmountable they may seem, and to share in any victories we win along the way, to motivate ourselves further to grow.

It’s not about vanity. It’s not about attention seeking or glory. It’s about setting an example. It’s about self-discipline. It’s about understanding the human spirit, our weaknesses, about standing up and being accountable and saying “I will do this, and I want you to keep me on the path I have set out before me.”

Do you think it’s easy getting up at 5:30 AM every morning to go to the gym? Do you think I want to? Do you not think I would rather be laying in bed, the most beautiful woman in the universe beside me? Do you think denying myself indulgent foods at work related festivities or friend/family gatherings is something I enjoy doing? Do you think I enjoy dropping a 245 lb barbell on my chest from complete muscle exhaustion, not once, but two sets in a row? Do you think I enjoy being told I’m crazy, overdoing it, that I don’t need to impress anyone, that I don’t have to be so self-critical, so self-demanding?

It’s easy to be lazy. Look at where it got us. Atrophy is easy. Do nothing.

Improving our lives, growing into the people we envision ourselves to be, dream of ourselves being, that is what takes effort. Breaking the mold, pushing beyond what we believe we can achieve, standing tall with earned confidence knowing where we have come from, and where we still have to go.

You inspire me. You keep me accountable. You keep me on the path I have chosen. Could I do it alone? Of course I could. At the end of the day, when I am left within my own mind it is me I have to deal with. Knowing I have your support, all of you, just makes it that much easier.

Don’t think these are mere empty, self-help rhetoric. They are words of truth, of freedom. There are times when I don’t think I can possibly move forward another inch, I think about this blog, and my readers. I think about the comments some have made, good and bad, and I transform those into strength. I harness those energies into performing a little bit more, to achieving a little bit more.

I will never be satisfied. I am greedy. I want more. I want it all.

Why would I settle for anything less? Do I not deserve the very best? Of course I do.

Here’s the kicker, the reason why I am so entitled to these things.

I am you. No different. No better. I deserve it all. You do too.

Nobody will hand it to us. Seize it. Take it. Make it yours.

I’m suddenly motivated again. Thank you.

4 responses to “To inspire

  1. Amen, brother. Could not have said it better. Thanks for this blog, Roc.
    There is more to EvE than just the game, blogs like this can transform lives, or at least make them a little better, richer, more bearable. Who said the meta game has to be only about lying and scamming. Why should we follow all those Hitler’s wannabees and turn to evil. Stay strong and positive, be a good guy. This meta is harder, but more rewarding.

  2. I totally agree with you, man! If worthy things in Life were easy, then nobody would ever want to reach for them. Also – they would never appreciate what they have achieved.

    It all starts with one dream. After that – there goes motivation, discipline, perseverance and iron will. And before you achieve one dream – you should have started to plan your next goal. This applies to all of us.

    Thank you for this great motivation! 🙂

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