5 responses to “Roc’s Rule #393

  1. I have seen people who’s minds are incapable, people who’s bodies are incapable. When I see others that are free and not hindered by these but struggle still, well there is a saying among the blind children of Tibet who are spat at, cursed, and thrown down: “They have blindness of the heart.” So when I hear you, Roc, someone who proclaims in his campaigns to distinguish from what is good, what is bad and what is best, you can be sure as hell I’m gonna go into the ring to challenge that. It is my duty. Though my grave conviction can seem like inflated ego, I can assure you, that if I left people to their own devices – if I did not at least point them clear of the pit they go headlong into, then I would indeed be no better. It fills me with great frustration to see people suffer needlessly. I apologize for going back on my word, but I couldn’t leave this one unanswered.

  2. Maybe I am missing on what is going on between Oreb and Roc here, but I agree with this Roc rule completely. Too bad that those who are “blowing their horn” a lot seem to be gettin all the glory too. So next time you get passed for promotion and some asshole who just yelled a lot gets it, this is why.

    • Nothing going on with Oreb and I. He got involved in a long comment thread with another reader and appears to have become cautious now with his comments.

      Shame that.

      • You are a good man. And I am a bad Catholic. I know I will pay for my fierceness. I am new to forums; conversations on here are very different than face to face, where people are actually more reserved. Where Luke would probably never approach me with such a greeting. Lacking are inflections, gestures, pauses, the timing involved and facial expressions – the opportunity for interruption and a good back and forth. Here, there is no timing, only sequential promptness. I have to learn to compose myself and let grace have the final word in subtleness. This is why I have to leave the social hub network for a while. Good luck, my friend and goodbye.

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