4 responses to “Roc’s Rule #389

  1. T’would be an interesting project to:

    1) List all of Roc’s Rules in order
    2) Publish a booklet CCP-style with graphics from the game on with Roc’s Rules listed, with occasional paragraphs from Roc about certain rules and the event that spawned the rule.
    3) Set Roc’s rules to music

      • Without going all black-space with screen caps from Eve, is it possible to source ship imagery for black ink on white paper ? I don’t have the tech skills to pull the wireframe models from the game, but for a sideways project I have in mind, I’d like the equivalent of pen and ink on white (or light) background. Any ideas on how to source that kind of art ?

        • To be fair, this is how I would do it.

          1. Pull the ship models and skins from game.
          2. Open in Cinema 4D.
          3. Render using sketch settings to get the look you’re after.

          I’m happy to help here as time permits. Let me know.

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