The Roc Bottom

Every now and then, if we’re lucky in life, we get to the witness the birth of something amazing, something that will transform the way we think, the way we live; that will affect the very future of civilization as we know it.

Last week, while drunk off my ass amongst other capsuleers, I was fortunate enough to be witness to one of these rare events. Three litres of Reyka vodka in me, begging to be released, when suddenly, the idea hit me.

“Wanna try a Roc Bottom?” I slurred to the person nearest me.

“What’s that?” they asked, equally inebriated.

“Get yourself a double shot of vodka.” I urged, and they did, returning shortly with the beverage. It wasn’t a second too soon, as my bladder was ready to explode from the amount of fluids I had consumed.

“Gimme your drink.” I said, and was handed the drink.

I quickly opened my zipper, and pissed in the glass.



  • two parts Vodka
  • one part Roc piss


  1. Pour a double shot of vodka into an adequately sized glass.
  2. Have Roc piss in the glass, mixing the vodka.


Serves one adult, two if you’re lucky.


No glass. Booze and piss go directly into mouth.

3 responses to “The Roc Bottom

  1. As I’ve said before, just urinate in your pod when your body is filled with that much alcohol. Drinking that fluid will have the same effects. Just be sure it’s Roc’s urine, otherwise, you couldn’t call it “The Roc Bottom”.

    You Brutors are so crass sometimes, hah!

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