Fanfest 2012 – Day Five

Good breakfast. Good hot pool. Good start to the day.

Met a LOT of fans today, more than I thought I had. Was good fun. EVE Keynote was great. Lots of good work coming our way. I’m sure the details are already out there for you to enjoy.

Pub crawl … Gabbi … her first cigar … free flowing booze …. two impossibly tall and hot Gallente women … Sindell … licking my face … drunk Petur is best Petur … Icelandic girl being far too forward … walking home with four leather clad women … not remembering how I got undressed and in bed …

Good times.

3 responses to “Fanfest 2012 – Day Five

  1. Glad you’re having a good time.

    That said, you really need to get your ego under control. I’m a new reader, and your idea of yourself is grossly out of proportion.

    • Lol ::applauds:: try a few of the previous posts, dude. Roc at full role-playing momentum is like a kick in the nuts.

      • K bad analogy. I guess I was still thinking of those long Federation legs and what too many drinks would have led them into.

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