Fanfest 2012 – Day Three

Another fun filled day, I thought to myself from the hot pool. Maybe it was age, or maybe my paced had slowed, but damn if I didn’t love those hot pools. No adventure this morning – had a robe, had a swimsuit, had slippers. I was socially good to go.

My morning was one of relaxation. I ate well, I pooled well, I laid back in my room, catching up on news back home. Then I headed to CCP for a Viking workout with my friends Petur and Svienn.

Petur and Svienn are an interesting pair really. Petur is about 6’4″, 240 lbs of Viking muscle. Svienn, on the other hand, is about 5’4″, 140 lbs of Viking muscle. For a little dude, he’s pretty jacked.

I ran into a few friends while I waited for our long anticipated trip to the gym. It was good to see Petur again. Where’s Svienn gone from the story you ask? Well, to be fair, I can’t blame the poor mini-Viking for bailing out at the last second; I mean, not everyone is ready for a workout with Roc.

We arrived at the gym, the Mjolnir (of course it was called that), and after a quick change into something more comfortable, I had a look around. The place was everything I would want in a gym – hammers and tires, wrestling octagon, boxing ring, olympic bars and weights, matted area everywhere. Then I met Brynja, the small, beautiful, beyond fit Valkryie that was about to thoroughly kick my ass for the next hour.

I’d been training hard for this day; Petur and I stay in touch year round, and he has also been a motivation to me. This moment was all about me outperforming him.

To my credit, I have a stronger core than Petur. I think that’s about it. I honestly thought I’d do far better. Make no mistake, I pushed myself hard, and finished strong and sweaty, but Petur is truly a monster. He is insanely strong with what we were doing (though I think if we were doing the 5×5 I’d have won hands down), but beyond strong, the man has endurance and heart.

He simply refuses to quit. That is something we have in common, but yes, at the end of it all, it is Petur who stood tall. Viking beat Brutor.

Neither of us really think that way of course. We both had an awesome workout, and an awesome time catching up. We all have areas we are strong, and those we are weak.

I was then treated to lunch at CCP, which was very welcome. I was ravenous after Brynja’s sweet torture. Hilmar was still too busy to see me (dammit man!), so I left his Roc swag and bottle of whiskey with Petur. Hopefully at some point this week he’ll be able to relax and enjoy a drink with me.

I hooked up with my friends from the day before once I was done at CCP and spent the next few hours shopping, chilling, talking, and enjoying Reykjavik. As the evening passed, we headed back to their hotel to get ready for the Tweetfleet meet up at the Celctic Cross.

On the street out front I ran into Mark/Seleene. It was great to see him, and quickly wrapped him up in a man hug. I slowly turned, seeing a group of minions, and low and behold in the middle of them, the infamous Mittani.

I walked straight for him. We exchanged names.

“I thought you’d be bigger.” he said.

“I thought you’d be straighter.” I replied, smiling with an outstretched hand.

They were heading off to start the night’s festivities, and we assured one another to share a round later that night. Sadly, it never happened, through no fault of theirs.

Our little warmup involved me finishing off that delicious Reyka vodka far too quickly, and hitting that wall where you know you’ve drank too much and should move to maintenance, but you don’t care and just want to drink more. My friends were concerned, but realized Roc needs to make his appearances, so came with me.

What a fun time! My female wingman finally got to see just how easy nerd farming was for me. Within the course of ten minutes I was offered at least a half dozen drinks, all of which I had to turn down at her behest.

Ran into some fine ladies while I was out, most notably Shae Tiann and Lacrimae. I always enjoyed running into lady pirates, and I realized I missed Mynxee, for a number of reasons.

As I continued to drink water (a smart idea at the time), the night wound down. The Mittani and his minions were nowhere to be found and I just assumed he left early for a beauty sleep.

After staggering back to my hotel room, I fell into bed and was quickly asleep.

Tomorrow should prove to be an interesting day.

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