Roctober Fitness Challenge – Day 29

Circuit 1:
pushups to fail (minimum 20)
pullups – to fail
wide grip pushups – arms as far apart as possible – to fail
butt kicks – 2 minutes

Circuit 2:
double crunches – to fail (50 minimum)
30 rock star jumps
reverse crunches – to fail (50 minimum)
30 knee tuck jumps
jumping jacks – 2 minutes

Circuit 3:
frog kicks – 30 reps
plyo step ups – 1 minute
hack squats – 30 reps
one leg extensions – 20,12,8, hold 30 seconds
static lunge  – 20 per side

Circuit 4:
Wide grip pullups – to fail
pullups – to fail
pushups – to fail (minimum 20)
butt kicks – 2 minutes
jumping jacks – 2 minutes

Circuit 5:
hanging ab twist – 30 per side
hanging ab lifts – 30 reps
double crunches – to fail (minimum 50)
plank – to fail (minimum 1 minute)

One response to “Roctober Fitness Challenge – Day 29

  1. Pretty brutal. These shake up my brain can! Trying to juggle the new baby, work, reading, gaming and workouts is pretty tough when I have to be able to drop any one of these when the 1st one comes a knockin’. For those in a similar boat as me, only a good diet and existing muscle can keep fat off with only 3-4 days of 40 minute workouts. When i’m able to sort some things out, and after the boy grows a little more self-dependent, i’d like to give this routine a shot. For now I’ve been sticking to a scant 3-4 sets of everything: 1st day bench, tricep rope pulls, bicep curl bar, standing military presses out of a dead lift and behind the neck with the olympic bar and on the 2nd day heavy squats or lunges and pullups, followed up by rows. It might take me an hour if I allow myself to get distracted. I do the 1st one on Mondays and Thursdays, legs on Tuesday or Wednesday. Nothing compared to a more solid schedule, but I have actually seen muscle gain with even this dumbed down last resort routine.

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