Tower 200 vs TRX


Tower 200 UFC approved, home body gym. CLICK HERE

TRX military designed suspension training. CLICK HERE


TRX all the way.


Both the TRX and the Tower 200 will run you under $200. For that amount, you get the product, an instructional DVD and a colour guide.

WIN – TRX, as it also provides a door frame mount, do not disturb sign, and a carry bag.


The Tower 200 hooks onto the top and bottom of your door frame, and is cinched into place via a strap tightened between the top and bottom of the equipment.

The TRX loops around the anchoring object of your choice, and uses carabiners capable of supporting up to 3500 lbs of pressure.

WIN – TRX, as it can be used anywhere and can be setup within one minute.


I’ve been using both the Tower 200 and the TRX for over two years now, and being a 200 lb man, have given them a thorough testing.

The Tower 200 uses tension bands for resistance. Since nearly the beginning I was utilizing the full resistance for most exercises and over the last six months I have noticed the stretchiness of the bands starting to fade. Additionally, when trying to follow along at the DVD pace, I found it challenging as the instructor has a set of hand grips for the top and the bottom of the Tower 200 whereas it only comes with one set when you buy it. I managed to score another set for $20 to make it easier.

My door frame has also started to crack from all the pressure put on it by the Tower 200. I know it is only the Tower 200 causing this as I use different doors for each product.

The TRX doesn’t use resistance bands. It uses gravity. The product is 99% in the same condition as the day I bought it except for the foam grips. My shoes go in there, and over time I’ve destroyed the foam padding. Hockey tapes helps, but this is the only flaw I see in the design of the TRX. They really need to do something to increase the durability of the foam.

WIN – TRX as it is as good as the day I bought it and hasn’t damaged my home


While the Tower 200 comes with over 100 exercises, there is resistance adjustment as well as hand grip or foot grip adjustment between nearly every exercise.

The TRX uses adjustable straps but most exercises are done at one length and adjustments are made easily. There are no additional pieces to adjust, no weight resistance bands. To make things easier takes only a single step towards the pendulum. If you’ve ever used a TRX, you know what I’m talking about. If not, you should.

WIN – TRX for its on the fly adjustments during a workout


Like I said, I’m a 200 lb guy. Resistance bands just don’t cut it. I love that I can pack up my TRX in the bag it comes with and take it with me anywhere I go. I can’t do that easily with my Tower 200.

The TRX engages my core at all times, forcing more stabilizer muscles to work. The Tower 200 also takes this approach, but doesn’t enlist support muscles as strongly as the TRX.

I can get a good workout from both pieces of equipment, but I can do so much more, and so much easier, with the TRX. Plus, the TRX is actually fun. Any equipment that can make a workout more fun is good in my books.



I honestly tried to be as impartial as possible. I hate spending money on things I don’t use so try to make sure I use every piece of equipment I own.

Make no mistake, there are some exercises I can only do on the Tower 200. The TRX simply doesn’t let me do them. Things like shoulder presses are much easier to do on the Tower 200 than the TRX, though to be fair they are much cooler to do on the TRX.

Regardless, in the end, if I had to do it over, I wouldn’t chosen TRX all the way. If you’re debating this decision as well, I hope you can see why I recommend the TRX.

4 responses to “Tower 200 vs TRX

  1. Thanks a lot for the review Roc! I have been looking at them online and trying to figure out
    a) if this is something I need, and
    b) which one I’d want to get.

    Your review makes it pretty clear that TRX is the way to go. Time to go shopping.

  2. “WIN – TRX as it is as good as the day I bought it and hasn’t damaged my home”

    It’s taken 6 months of 5-times-a-week usage.. but today I’ve torn a doorframe off while exercising with the TRX. It seems the TRX will weaken a doorframe (or what’s fixing it to the wall) slowly over time.

    Just a heads-up.

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