#Roctoberfest Event the Third

Our third Roctoberfest event is going to take a little more to win… this contest is unofficially called “Be like Roc”.


  • You may only enter once.
  • Contest begins Monday October 17 and ends Friday October 21st. A winner will be announced Monday October 24th.
  • To enter, you must submit some form of proof to your epic deed of being the most like Roc you can be, or STFU. This can be a photo, story, audio snippet, anything at all, but you have to be able to back it up.

So get your thinking caps on as you only get one shot. How can you most be like Roc?


As always, the prizes will be donated by my audience, but this time I’m going to get the ball started.

  • a short story authored by Roc Wieler about the winner
  • two capital BPCs

3 responses to “#Roctoberfest Event the Third

  1. I am not sure I can compete in this one (for starters I lack the extra Y-chromosomes Roc has), but to the winner I donate two capital BPCs (one run each) – choice of Chimera, Thanatos, Providence, or Obelisk. If you can’t build them, you can always sell them.

    To the second best (to make Roc’s life more difficult), one of said BPCs. Because Roc’s Roughnecks deserve it.

    …yeah, for once I’m in a good mood. Enjoy it while it lasts 🙂

  2. I’m pretty sure taunting death in my Arazu in Amamake counts, and living to tell about it. I have the screenshot of an Erebus-class Titan behind a POS bubble that I took as proof that I will be more than glad to supply. As I know Roc has lost a few ships there. Will be sending the screenshot to you Roc.

  3. Epic in deed (see what I did there?). Where to begin – so many epic deeds to choose from (Sound like Roc yet?). Which one gets the nod for most epic of all. Was it Covert bombing runs against Goons in Querious? Six Tengu kills in a Hurricane gang? Surviving a Dreadnaught Hot Drop in my Carrier in Delve and taking out six Dreadnaughts and an Archon to boot. Getting the final blow on a station take down to claim the station for my Corp? Surviving in my Armour HAC deep behind enemy lines when the fleet was double crossed by spies? So hard to decide.

    Most epic of all – hmmmm. Most like Roc? I think perhaps suiciding my Cynabal to save a Chimera in distress. A Vagabond had the Chimera pointed and the Tempest and Cane already on scene were not able free him. Fifty Goons were inbound to kill the Carrier when I arrived in my Cynabal, killed the Vaga, freed the Chimera to warp just as the Goon fleet landed. The Chimera got away, but my epic Cynabal didn’t.

    Links or it didn’t happen:

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