#Roctoberfest Contest 1 Winner

Some contests hope for thousands, perhaps even millions of entrants. To them, it’s about return on investment, statistical data to reveal if a marketing initiative has succeeded or failed.

I had four entrants to this contest.

To me, that is a success. That means that somewhere within this great universe of ours are four people not only passionate enough to keep reading my works here at Roc’s Ramblings, but consumed and dedicated enough to share their own wonderful works of fiction.

Thank you for that.

I always find it fascinating to see how others perceive me, whether it matches up with my own point of view, perhaps offering an insight good or bad that I hadn’t previously seen, but always guaranteed to make you smile.

Again, thank you for that.


Since there is only the one Republic Fleet Firetail prize, there can only be one winner for this first contest event. I honestly did enjoy each story, but the one that evoked the most smiles, the most emotional response, the most tears from laughter was Katia Sae’s story “One Night of Roc”. Hell, even the title is witty.

You can read her entry HERE.

For those that didn’t win, I hope you had fun writing something I thoroughly enjoyed. I also hope that you will continue to participate in #Roctoberfest, whether it’s through the fitness challenge, the other events, or just by reading and sharing more great stories.

4 responses to “#Roctoberfest Contest 1 Winner

    • And congratulations. Just let me know where you want your prize delivered to, and I’ll relocate it to the place of your choosing.

      Sorry, didn’t mean to sound like a poor sport. Just been a long night at work.

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