Interview: Starfleet Comms

What a night! Starfleet Comms and Voices from the Void in one fun filled evening! It’s my own fault of course; I had double booked. Thankfully, both show hosts were incredibly gracious and we ended up doing back to back interviews.

Gavin Phoenix has been a fan, and a friend, for a long while. He’s been nothing but supportive of everything I do, and even has encouraged my wife on her blog over at (yeah, she doesn’t post often, I know).

So to be interviewed by Gavin was almost like talking with an old friend, even though we’ve never met. He knew me so well and asked such insightful questions that I became more and more excited as the interview continued, really rambling on to the point where what was supposed to be a small part of the overall episode ending up consuming the entire thing.

Still, I am thankful, and honoured for the opportunity given.

Roc Wieler on Starfleet Comms

One response to “Interview: Starfleet Comms

  1. We briefly mentioned this post in episode 14 of Starfleet Comms that we recorded last night. We all rambled on a lot last night and i’m guessing Max will have to cut most of it out.

    I said that it made me smile and made me happy 😀

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