Harlon Mathuin – Day 0

A lot of people talk the talk. There are some that think all my ego does is talk; at least until they meet me. That is usually when they hate me more because they see I actually walk the walk as well, and let me tell you, it’s not an easy walk.

Transforming your life is a full-time hobby, whether it’s physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, educational; doesn’t matter. It’s not something you will achieve overnight. It takes years to sculpt yourself from what you were into what you want to be. The good news is, with a little encouragement, qualified instruction, and consistency, you will see results within the first few weeks, so don’t be discouraged.

Case in point, Harlon Mathuin.

A while back I did the TRX 21 Day Challenge. Some read it, a few thought it looked interesting and maybe tried it, fewer still posted their progress. As I saw the comments come in, one person’s name kept standing out to me, Harlon Mathuin. He didn’t own a TRX, but decided he was determined to transform his life, and the 21 day challenge was his time.

He posted every result, every puke, every dizziness, every disappointment, every setback, every success, every victory. To be honest, he reminded me of me when I was starting out; determined, tenacious, not willing to give up no matter what it took. There was no “winner” to the challenge, but in my books, Harlon won, and won big.

I was so moved by his story that I actually sent him a TRX, and he’s been nothing but a monster since.

With his permission, I’m posting his “before” pictures today. It’s the first time I’ve seen Harlon physically, and I can tell you already that if he keeps up with this intensity, he’s going to be seriously buff, and it won’t take long at all.

We’ll check him with him every 3 months to monitor his progress, and like I’ve offered to all of my readers, if you ever want workout tips, nutritional planning, encouragement, or anything else along those lines, follow me on twitter @rocwieler or drop me a line here, roc@rocwieler.com.

I’m always happy to help kick some ass.

Now, while I hope you will be inspired by these photos, do not follow them for proper form. I’ve already sent Harlon some notes on how to correct his form, and in fact, I am going to take some photos (maybe even video) of the correct form for the exercises he is doing.

One thing that sucks with TRX is that there are so many horrible examples of the exercises on youtube.com. Your best place to find proper TRX form is www.trxtraining.com, or if I do get my butt in gear, and find some free time, from me.

Keep at it, Harlon; you’re an inspiration.

10 responses to “Harlon Mathuin – Day 0

  1. Nice one mate. Keep it up.

    I take it that TRX is easy to pack away. Might have to look and see if I can buy one in the UK. Depending on how much they cost that is…

    • TRX weighs less than 2 lbs and can fit in a fanny pack (comes with its own little pouch). I take mine everywhere.

      I buy them for $100 CAD from my supplier, they retail for $150 – $200 here in Canada.

  2. Quick update while I remember.

    Still going strong, training 5-6 days a week, Mostly TRX based but mixing in some non-TRX workouts as and when I feel like. Also changed my diet to have much more protein and much less fat, sugar and (figuratively speaking) crap, while allowing myself the occasional treat (some ice cream for example). Not taking supplements for now. Probably won’t ever (maybe except for protein).

    Feeling much bigger, faster, stronger and less flabby. Best feeling of my life.

    Getting fit or dying trying!

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