Roc the Spot

Just a quick post.

Sure, I’m badass. Sure, I’m a grizzled, retired, veteran war hero. Sure, the ladies love me, and the men want to be me.

But I have a soft side every now and again. Besides, research shows that sometimes cute is good for marketing.

So, here’s a new wallpaper that came together late last night. Basically, I’m thinking of using this little spot guy as a new TShirt logo to promote myself.

Is it the correct decision to go cute? Will 4 year olds be wearing my tee? Will hot young women be wearing it? Will nerdy guys?

Or should I stick with the badass look 100% for my marketing? The catchy phrases? The sexiness that is me?

Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

Full sized version can be found HERE

5 responses to “Roc the Spot

  1. I’m thinking panties.

    I mean, not for me. Maybe Aiden, but not me.

    But really: great wallpaper/design!

  2. It is growing on me. I don’t see the design as much as “cute”, but more as “cynical”. It does break with the Roc picture of muscles, beer and sweat; but maybe that was the intent?

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