If you can’t do, shut up

I already know this is wasted breath, but I thought I’d share anyway. It’s a rant about internet anonymity, ePeens, etc, etc.

As luck would have it, the Mean Streak Contest has been mentioned on the Facebook EVE Online page. A few players are excited about the contest, which is good. The majority of players, however, are talking about how a Dramiel and a measly 100 million isk is not even worth undocking for.

To them I say “Then don’t.”

They all talk about putting up at least 500 million – 1 billion isk, maybe, just maybe then it would be a worthwhile contest. Tell ya what, chuckleheads; as I said in the comments, I don’t see any of you doing better. How’s your blog doing? Your artwork? Your music? Your contests?

It’s amazing how easy people are to tear down, to criticize, yet when boot comes to ass, they simply are unable to deliver anything of substance.

Do I let it bother me? Not really.

Do I think me ranting will pull them out of ignorant habit? Doubtful.

So why am I even bothering to rant about it? Because to illustrate a point, I’m going to match EON’s donation for the Mean Streak contest. Instead of just talking out of my ass, I’ll at least step up.

Class is in session, kids.

11 responses to “If you can’t do, shut up

  1. Tell them to get stuffed. I stumbled onto your site here only after seeing that link on the Eve Online Facebook page, and so far, I like everything I see here.

    Top work Roc.

    • Welcome to Roc’s Ramblings, and thanks for the kind words. I do hope you enjoy your stay. If you need anything, or have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. I’m not always friendly, but I always have a mouth.

  2. It also demonstrates how the perceived and I suppose actual value of ISK has degraded over time with so many ISK faucets being on full throttle in the game.

  3. Roc, well done. They say the community is one of the best aspects of EVE, yet as 2 faces of the same coin, its bad side is that there are way too many people with too many opinions just clouding it all up.

    And as Mynxee commented above, this whole idea of profit and maximisation of some variable, the blob and this and that, is actually ruining the game for many of us who just like to spend some time in leisure activity.

    • Mynxee is a very wise woman; always has been.

      I think part of the appeal of EVE is that it can be both, and more, to players. I play casually sometimes, aggressively other times, and EVE accommodates that.

      And there are other players out there doing good things for the community: Chribba, EON, Kirith Kodachi, and more, so I never feel like I’m fighting an uphill battle.

      It just always gets under my skin when I see mouthy punks talking about “lame” something is when they aren’t doing any better.

      But at the end of the day, me and my followers enjoy our ingame and metagame time together, so as has been commented, they can get stuffed.

  4. Well, to throw in my 2 ISK about the entire situation, is that you have those who cry because they’re too weak to participate, and those who cry because they have nothing better to do than arbitrarily wave their tiny e-peens (which may or may not correlate to actual size). I personally think this contest looks like a great opportunity to ruin someone’s day, and make some ISK in the process. I will be participating, so I say, hide your Faction ships if you want to cry about it.

  5. Agreed. They can either pony up their own booty as prizes or stfu.

    btw I have given a few ships away, here and there and been accused of running a scam . . .I am still waiting for someone to explain how giving ships for no entry fee in any way is a scam . . .but there you go.


  6. They’re just jealous because they didn’t think of it first.

    People approach contests all wrong, imo: it’s not about the prizes, it’s about the experience and the attempt to succeed.

    Tell them to cry some more. Their tears fuel the server hamsters!

  7. Well said! I have some idiot repeatidly bashing my blog. Ok I may not be the most interesting blogger but at least I’m trying.

    Anyone that putd up a contest where you have the chance to win something is good as long as the reward is more than the contest entry. But hey… at least you’re doing something positive to add something to the game.

    So… sod them!

  8. Yeah, I was excited to see a contest that I could actually participate in, for sure! I don’t gank hulks etc, so prize is secondary to the attempt to compete. A reason to try and kill an enemy ship outside my own zeal to do so 🙂

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