Mean Streak Contest

There are the few, the proud, the noble hearted within the galaxy. Those that choose the high road, the path less taken; those with a moral obligation to do what is right.

You aren’t one of them; at least not this week …


Starting now, until 12 AM EST Monday July 25th, your existence is all about finding and killing as many faction ships as you can. I’m not talking factional warfare; I’m talking faction ships.

Find them, kill them, post your killmail link in the comments below: win.

One prize for the most vicious pilot out there. One trophy for the capsuleer who stands out above the rest in this contest: a Dramiel faction frigate, and:

  • 100 million isk, generously donated by EON Magazine
  • 100 million isk from Roc
  • 150 million isk in player donations

Warm up your weapons, cycle your systems, and get killing.

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21 responses to “Mean Streak Contest

    • An edit like that can be done with microsoft paint dude. If you want to make your own original artwork it can be done quite well with “Gimp” for free and with limited computer skills.

      • I make all my art with paint and limited skills …

        I think he is asking for a different angle of the Dramiel as well, which probably can’t be done using this image and an image editing program, though you’re correct about the text. A little gradient work, a little type, and you’ve customized it.


    Jaguar pointed me up i hammered him down to 80% shields when his corp mate came to his aid in his dram, i disengaged and burned to range to evaluate then decided to re-engage. Primaried the jaguar again and had both the dramiel and the jaguar battering my ship. I cycled heat on my mods their dps was not sufficient to pin me as the jag entered armor i switched my point to the Dramiel. Fight went on for a long time active tanks are pretty tough to crack and with a nos running on his setup he held long, constantly trying to cycle heat on his ab to look for a exit point but i micromanaged it quite well with all my drones already lost, as he finaly went into structure and popped i also locked his pod and tried for a ransom. Ransom didn’t come through so i reloaded and sent the pilot home. To my greatest surprise his jaguar corp mate never made it back to his home base, as he was gcc from engaging me station guns handled the rest 🙂

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