The Continuing Adventures of Captain Jack

By: Jack Carrigan

///Begin Transmission///

The camera sat clearly in the midst of a twisted tree where a precariously perched Proteus-class strategic cruiser rested. The engines and thermal exhaust ports sat centered within the camera’s field of view. A man in dark attire was cutting a rope ladder which had been hodge-podged together presumably to reach the cargo bay of the stranded vessel. The tree itself had apparently suffered a cruel fate, as it was blackened and splintered, smoke still rising from where the twisted branches once constricted around the Proteus.

A communications cut-in could be heard overlaying into the recording, “Well Roc, I told you that this tree was going to get it. Nothing some low-grade explosives and some sharp implements won’t take care of. This ball has been my prison for far too long now, so I figured I’d leave the camera behind, and have it upstream until it ceases to function, which won’t be too long from now.” The cut-in also echoed the ship’s Aura system, “All systems showing 100% functionality. Engines priming.” Laughter was heard, “So this camera is about to meet a horrible fate as you can see, but I really could care less about it. See you in the spacelanes brother.”

A low whining sound began to pick up as the engines primed, and upon ignition, there was only blue fire, and then nothing.

///Transmission Interrupted – Uplink Not Detected///

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