Fanfest 2011 – Day 3

I could’ve been completely blind and still known I had arrived at the capsuleer center by the smell alone. Had capsuleers spent so much time in their pods that they had forgotten the basics of personal hygiene and how that affects the olefactory when gathered en masse? No wonder regular mortals had such mixed opinions of us. At the moment, I certainly did as well.

I was surprised how many other capsuleers had heard of me, and as I made my way around the conference, I had the wonderful opportunity of meeting a great many people, and a plethora of beautiful female fans. Ladies, I appreciate your enthusiam but there’s only so much Roc to go around at once. 

Maybe I need to make a trading card of myself or something, I thought to myself, as another incredibly well endowed beauty threw her arms around me. I love women. All of them. Period.

It was really an ordinary day for me, except for one small incident that occured in the evening:

I was famished by the end of the conference, and as I walked along a cold, winter street within the station, I noticed a rental vehicle with the CVA Alliance logo plastered to it. I wondered if they had simply used an adhesive for the print, or if it was magnetized to the door. Turned out it was magnetized directly to the door, so I removed it and took it with me, later leaving it in an obscure place at the convention center with an Ushra’Khan logo over it.

Then I attached a small note: Dear CVA, I stole your shit. If you want it back, look up.

They never did find it.

Anyway, after that it was off to the thermal pools for some relaxation time, then some beer with my  Brutors at a local pub.

Fly safe.

4 responses to “Fanfest 2011 – Day 3

    • My blog. My fun mix of fantasy and reality.

      Truth be told, I was out for dinner with a buddy when he swiped the logo. We took it to Fanfest, and tried to enter it in the Silent Auction as a prank by U’K. The devs thought it was a hilarious idea, but their boss said no.

      So we stuck it to those stairs. Within minutes, the U’K logo was slapped on it, but I wasn’t sure which brother did the deed.

      Just didn’t want it to go unnoticed. Thanks for the video.

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