Ingame Chat Channel – Roc the Vote

I’ve been having many conversations since voting opened, and let me tell you, it’s tiring repeating yourself ad nauseum. It’s like nobody can be bothered to read your campaign posts; they’d rather just have you spoon feed them directly. Sigh.

To try to make things easier for both the voters and myself, I’ve started an ingame chat channel ‘Roc the Vote’. I will be posting times where I will be there to answer any campaign related questions to the best of my ability, whether through EVE Voice or typing.

I hope this will give players an opportunity to learn more about me, and my opinions of Eve Online.

One response to “Ingame Chat Channel – Roc the Vote

  1. Much as I understand your need for a central location for people too ask you questions regarding your campaign I don’t think you need to be looking at the repeated questions as a bad thing.

    You could always look at it as an opportunity, the more times you have too answer the questions the better you will get at answering them. explaining your platform and organizing your thoughts. and hey, at least it shows that people are taking an interest in you.

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