Campaign Trail – CSM Profit

Thank you for your interest in my campaign to be part of CSM 6. It is my intention to work diligently, effectively, and tirelessly to bring the concerns of the player base to the CSM, to CCP, and back to the players.

The following is a user submitted request for my stand on a topic important to them. I have given thought to the topic and formulated my opinion, but it’s just that; my opinion. Nothing more. There is no guarantee the opinion expressed herein will ever see the light of day.

My platform isn’t one of issues, but rather one of integrity, tenacity, and the willingness to hold the CSM and CCP accountable to the players that support everything we do. I will not push my own agenda, unless it coincides with what the majority of the player base wants for a given topic.

Never start a fight you can win. #RocTheVote

QUESTION: There are many good candidates out there, some to be endorsed thoroughly. One to actively stand against is Roc Wieler. All he wants to do is take advantage of his role in CSM to monetize Capsuleer and profit in real life.


I’ve said this will not be part of my campaign, but it just keeps rearing up its ugly head, so let’s put this to rest once and for all.

I was half of the team that brought Capsuleer to the players of EVE Online. My development partner, PyjamaSam, did all the coding. I did the design, user interface, marketing, promotions and was the public face of Capsuleer. I was also the one to deal in business negotiations with CCP and MMM.

Having said that, let’s be concise:

  1. Capsuleer is dead.
  2. Capsuleer will not be going open source. Why? You just don’t get open source. There is effort in choosing a licensing platform, as well as coding work to be done to be compliant with that licensing platform, and as I said, PyjamaSam was the coder, and he’s not going to do it.
  3. Capsuleer cannot be part of my campaign, nor my work in CSM because the reality of it is that I did not, nor can I, program Capsuleer. My understanding of Objective C is rudimentary at best, and I do not possess the personal means to do the coding necessary that was what made this product so great. PyjamaSam has moved on and has zero interest in CCP, Capsuleer, or Eve Online.

It has been pointed out to me by some of my supporters, and some of the naysayers, that my two posts on Third Party Apps and EVE API could be misconstrued as contrary opinions.

So let’s clear that up.


  1. IF CCP is to offer third party developers some form of licensing structure, it needs to apply to all third party developers, or to none. That is the only fair way to do it, though it comes with inherent risks to the intellectual property of CCP. MY POST
  2. I think the EVE API is great, even though there are many areas for improvement with it. I wholeheartedly support developers using the API, and know there are many talented developers out there doing great things with the API. This needs to be encouraged. That I would fight for as CSM. MY POST

Be Educated

Do not let others make your decisions for you. Do not listen to hearsay. Be responsible enough to make informed decisions either by talking directly to the candidates, or by following their Jita Park threads, or their blogs. Nobody likes second hand information. It cannot be relied upon.

So there you have it, straight from the horse’s mouth so to speak. I have no interest in profiting from CSM. In fact, I stand against such activity and I doubt CCP would even allow it to happen were someone to attempt such a thing.

Here’s hoping you learned something new about me today, if you were a doubter.

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