12 responses to “Roc’s Rule #330

    • That’s exactly it. Initially I removed it because I believed the real me offended a real someone else.

      Then I realized this is Roc’s blog, and it is RP.

      If people are offended this time, here’s Roc’s reply in advance:

      “You must be one of the non-objectified group.”

    • Ok, I’m going to share an insight, not directed at you Kirith, but at people in general.

      We all know Roc is a womanizer. We all Roc would sleep with just about any beautiful woman.

      So what makes a woman beautiful to him? My guess is the same things that make a woman beautiful to me. I love deep, mysterious eyes and a beautiful, warm smile.

      So the ultimate irony in this rule is that it reveals the sexism of the reader, not the author.

      Roc finds ALL women beautiful, and therefore he would objectify all of them.

      In that sense, it’s a compliment. Ask any of my ladies if they’ve ever felt insulted by me calling them babe or darlin, or commenting on how fantastic they look that day.

        • I’m sure they don’t, and yes, we can discuss that ad nauseum, I’m sure.

          The underlying point here is that most people are offended by generalizations and stereotypes because there is inherently a grain of truth to them. Otherwise, how did they become stereotypes to begin with?

          I enjoy taking such things and turning them into something more witty, or more subtle, and seeing how people respond.

          That’s my own dark sense of humour coming through. It’s not for everyone, but hey, it is my blog.

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