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I believe in Eve Online. I believe it was once one of the most innovative and trend setting games ever created in the MMO industry. I believe it is still a beautiful and immense environment, with the strongest and most loyal community I have ever encountered within an intellectual property. I believe our game has so much potential for its future. I believe CCP can take it there.

All of my beliefs in this are dependent on one point, and one point alone: listening to the people.

A game succeeds or fails not based on board room meetings, or even how good/bad a game might be; it depends on its audience. A game is only as good as its players.

I could tell you about my ideas for EVE; how I would make factional warfare meaningful, how I would make low sec the single best area of space to live, how they should have tea as a commodity instead of just synthetic coffee. I could share with you the same ideas I shared with the CCP Dev Team last Fanfest, about how to create a dynamic and innovative player driven content system, or how the EVE API could be improved upon, as well as working with CCP to build a model that would allow third party developers to actually monetize their efforts, but I won’t. I won’t overpromise on any of these things.

Do you know why?

Because they are my ideas, and my ideas alone. Don’t get me wrong, if the opportunity arises to introduce my own agenda to help shape and mold EVE Online, I would certainly make the best of that opportunity, but to me, that’s not what CSM should be about.

The CSM is the voice of the people.

In the real world, my voice has been a pain in the arse to many over the last 15 years of my career. I’m a technical lead developer; a business analyst. My job is to work with a client, identify their needs, make a granular list, architect a solution for them, then work with the team that develops and delivers that solution to make sure it stays true to the original vision.

I have no fears of saying no. I have no qualms with showing flaws in logic and providing better alternatives. My entire career has been about qualified communication. I have always brought all of my passion to my work, to my hobbies, to my life.

To me, being on the CSM is no different. Qualifed communication is key. There must be passion. There must be an understanding on many levels of how our game works. I have that.

I’ve also already done business with CCP as the face of Capsuleer. I know much about how they work internally. I know people there; some that like me, others that do not.

Capsuleer had over 60,000 users. I know how to market and nurture a well-built product to success.

I am also all about community. Between this blog, my artwork, my music, and everything else I do, I am immersed in many aspects of EVE Online, and only want the best for our game.

So what are you getting when you vote for Roc Wieler? You’re getting an intelligent, charismatic bulldog that won’t back down from a fight. You’re getting a man that will stand tall and proud, shouldering your requests to the CSM, and then to CCP. You’re getting a cigar smoking, exercise driven ex-Matar Colonel that will fight with his last breath for what he believes in.

Prosper or Perish by the People.



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19 responses to “CSM 6 – Roc the Vote

  1. Roc,

    I will forever be a fan of your fiction (though it was sorta lame how you lost interest and left out the ending on your “epic” about 18 months ago). Similar sentiments about Capsuleer, great little app, but no points for how you took your toys and went home when things didn’t go your way.

    Eve content can’t be monitized (longstanding exceptions notwithstanding), and tbh the game is better for it. Do you want to play in an ecosystem where the better websites charge a membership fee, or where you have to pay for EveMon/EFT? CCP wants player created content to be free, and while you do have a lot of eCharisma, I’m with CCP on this one, and believe that players who think this through would be too.

    I do wish you well, and even though you wont get my votes, good luck.

    kEwL dOOd

    • Hey, if I ended every story, why would people keep coming back?

      I also understand your point of view on third party app monetization. That is one school of thought. The other school of thought is that essentially with a proper licensing structure, CCP could profit from the good apps that rise to the top, as well as giving developers further incentive to develop.

      Would I pay for something that provided me value? Yes, if it really provided me value.

      That’s my opinion.

      At the same time, this is not one of my campaign platforms. It is merely personal opinion.

      My duty on the CSM would be to the players of EVE Online. If this was an issue, I would champion it. If it never becomes and issue, then it never becomes an issue.

      • I appreciate the response and will respectfully disagree. I maintain that Eve would be worse off if developers could charge for IP based software/tools, ESPECIALLY if CCP got a piece of the transaction, as there would be a clear financial motivation for them to leave holes in the game experience that could be filled with an app, while netting a few extra bucks for CCP. Not saying they would, but disincentives for them to develop the best game possible should be absolutely avoided.

        Cheers, and keep up the great writing!


        • All I can refer to is the mandate PyjamaSam and I had for Capsuleer. It was meant to be your Eve away from Eve.

          I actually agree with you that the game itself should not have holes. Any apps should meant to enhance the experience of being ingame, not replace it.

  2. Don’t forget that monetization doesn’t mean an app has to cost money to use. Developers can always choose to provide basic useful features for free and charge only for premium features. This is a popular model in use everywhere today. So doom and gloom about monetizaton is short-sighted if it doesn’t take that into account.

    Roc–I hope your campaign is successful and that you earn a seat on CSM6. And that you don’t kill anyone out of frustration after you do! Much love and many wishes for success in this latest endeavor!

  3. As a Faction Warefare pilot I’m pleasantly suprised to hear you will be running for CSM 6, especailly as I have not heard anyone else running for candidacy mention it yet. I’ll be watching your campaign closly (as too will my corp when I eve mail them a link)

    • As an ex-Matar Colonel, I would never forget the good men and women that still fight the good fight in the TLF.

      You do your people, proud, son. I’m thankful to have the support of our troops.

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