I’ll admit that I got a bit of a rush wearing my officer’s dress formals. My posture was noticeably better, my demeanour possessing more of an air of authority, and the looks I would get from non-military personnel, well, let’s just say I had my choice of any woman I wanted, and probably more than a few men.

I cleaned up real well.

One might have thought I was enroute to an Officer’s gala, or some high profile charity auction, but no, I was dressed up with another purpose in mind. As the magtrain slowed into the central hub station of the promenade, I quickly, yet casually made my way to a nearby employee entrance. My contact was already waiting.

“Everything’s ready?” I asked. He nodded an affirmative, looking around cautiously. I paid him a few isk, which he greedily clawed at, then turned tail and disappeared.

On any given morning rush hour, an estimated 2.5 million civilians passed through this station hub, according to the news. It was one of the highest volume magtrain stations in all of the Republic.

They wouldn’t even see it coming.

I opened the employee entrance. Everything was indeed as I had requested. I rubbed my hands together in anticipation, and set about my work. I had to be quick, but precise; if I handled things indelicately it would be me that suffered for it.

Ten minutes later, everything was set.

There was only one major causeway where the magtrains stopped and passengers disembarked. It was a logistical nightmare really, far too exposed and isolated for security to prevent any real catastrophe from taking place.

I smirked, ready to take them all by surprise.

“Happy Valentine’s Day!” I yelled, holding the first rose up in my hand. I had several buckets of pink and red roses with me to hand out to all the women that morning. It didn’t take long before they started lining up, eager to receive their free rose on this festive occasion.

“There you go, beautiful.” I said to one homely woman as I handed her a pink rose. Her cheeks flushed as she quickly took the rose and continued on her way.

“A beautiful rose for a beautiful lady.” I said, handing a red rose to an older woman, who smiled back at me, her eyes brighter than they were a moment before.

I had no agenda really. I simply had woken up that morning when the idea had hit me.

Women should be coveted each and every day for all the wonderful things they are, but words are just lip service, and honestly, it doesn’t take much to make a simple gesture of appreciation.

I had bought up every rose from every flower shop in the promenade, and arranged to have them ready for pickup. Of course, there were far too many people for me to do this alone, but I had thought of that as well.

Several other Tribal Liberation Force pilots, past and present, had responded to my NeoCom message only hours earlier. They filed in, in full dress, and began handing out roses to the masses.

“For you, my dear. Thank you for being all that you are.” I said, handing a rose to another wonderful lady. She smiled a beautiful smile back at me and spoke, “Thank you, Colonel, for what you’ve done for all of us.” She leaned in and kissed me on the cheek. I smiled.

Like I said, it doesn’t take much to show appreciation.

I had purchased roughly five thousand roses; half of them were here with me to be handed out. A genuine smiled crossed my lips.

It had been a long and trying day. Nothing had seemed to go right for her since she first woke up that morning. She slid her ID card along the door lock to the station quarters she rented out on an annual basis in this lowsec station. All she wanted was to have a shower and go to bed; the sooner this day was over, the better.

As she entered her room, she stopped dead in her tracks, her eyes opening wide in astonishment. She quickly scowled, regaining her composure, and crossed the rose filled room to her desk, looking for the card that would surely have been attached to the delivery.

The damn roses were everywhere: on the floor, on her furniture, on her bed, in the bathroom. There must have been thousands of them. She finally found the small envelope and tore it open.

I miss you babe. Roc was all it said.

Mynxee smiled and felt herself tearing up a little inside. She quickly pushed her emotions back down, throwing the card to the floor. Asshole, she thought, as she began undressing to take a shower.

Despite her foul mood though, she did take a moment to stop and smell the roses.

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