I truly think CCP is afraid of me.

Either that, or they’re sick of what a pain in the ass I must be to them.

The story thus far…

I wanted to run for CSM 5. I knew Mynxee was running, and we speak often about the trials, tribulations, victories and frustrations she has endured as CSM 5 president. I think she’s done an amazing job, and set the bar very high for any that wish to continue her legacy. Anywho…

I wanted to run for CSM 5. I submitted my application, and was rejected. When I petitioned and demanded an explanation, it turned out that I had received fraudulent ISK. That was news to me. At the time, the Capsuleer iPhone application for EVE Online was doing very well, with around 60,000 users. PyjamaSam and I were even occasionally receiving ISK donations from players for our efforts. Apparently, one of those donations was with ill gained ISK. The Capsuleer Accounting character, of course, had split the donation 50/50 between PyjamaSam and Roc Wieler. Capsuleer Accounting was a lifetime free account I had received during a promotion for the initial boxed version of EVE Online with EB Games managers.

It was literally the fight of my life to get my account unbanned, and while Roc Wieler continues to live and breathe to this day, the free lifetime Capsuleer Accounting account was removed. It was the best I could make of the situation, and frankly, the alternative was worse.

I swear though, that sometimes I wonder if CCP is so crippled by lack of consistent internal policies and is devoid of internal communication that it’s virtually impossible for them to make the right decision when it comes to ascertaining the truth of a situation.

Don’t even get me started on Capsuleer.

Fast forward to the call for CSM 6 candidates.

I submitted my application on the first day the call went out only to find through the automated system that my application was denied. The reason? Affliates of CCP are not eligible to participate in the CSM.

I’m an affiliate? Again, news to me.

It got me to some quick thinking about my level of involvement with CCP. What had I done in the last year that would’ve classified me as an official affiliate? Was it the NDA I signed when we began negotiations with CCP in regards to Capsuleer? I didn’t think so.

What else could it have been?

Then it dawned on me that only two months ago I had applied, and was accepted as an official fan site of EVE Online here at Roc’s Ramblings. But that really shouldn’t make a difference, should it? I did a quick scan of the official fan sites listed. I saw many names of previous CSM members, as well as the current CSM 5 president, Mynxee on that list.

So where was the precedent for this?

I immediately initated communication with CCP to find out what the deal was. Something I should mention is that if you are accepted as an official fan site, you are classified as a media site, and as such, get one free year on your account.

CCP Diagoras was kind enough to point out that was the reason my application was rejected. The system flagged me as a free account, pretty much the same as a trial account, which also cannot apply, and with good reason.

My understanding then was this: You can work hard at promoting EVE Online through your blog, bring passionate opinions and stories about New Eden to those that might not yet have had the opportunity to experience our wonderful game, and while you are rewarded with a complimentary year, which is nice, you are denied other avenues to express your opinions, or to improve the overall quality and direction of EVE itself.

To me, it showed a flawed approach to the CSM. I mean, Mynxee’s blog is listed, so she must’ve received a free year, right? And yet she ran for CSM, so where is the precedent for this “ruling” ?

So I’ve been working with/against CCP Diagoras in this matter, seeking resolution. I pointed out the flaws in logic, only to be repeatedly told that there is no impartiality, and that no CSM member, past or present, was able to apply for CSM while under their complimentary year of EVE Online.

The simple answer must seem to be that I simply ask for my blog to be removed as a media account, but that doesn’t seem right to me. I worked hard for that status. Why should I be penalized for my efforts?

I did ask if that status could be suspended, then reinstated pending the results of the CSM, but there was no reply to that. I also asked that since my media account status started during the middle of a paid subscription period if I would be entitled to the remaining time on my paid subscription should the media account status be revoked. No answer to that.

As it stands, CCP Diagoras is going to discuss my situation with the CSM body this coming week. CSM members also receive complimentary play time during their tenure. There is the possibility that my media account reward status can be transferred to my alt account, thereby allowing Roc Wieler to apply for the CSM. I am agreeable to that. I hope the CSM are as well.

I truly believe I have a lot of industry related experience, as well as a fierce passion and dedication to bring to the CSM table.

If anyone ever thought politics was easy, they would be dead wrong. I haven’t even managed to apply for this political position yet, and look at the hoops I’ve had to jump through to even get this far.

Part of this ordeal makes me think that perhaps I’m suicidal to want to be involved in this. A bigger part of me believes that it just reinforces the need for someone of my caliber to step up and continue to hold CCP accountable for their actions as Mynxee has.

I guess we’ll find out together.

17 responses to “Candidacy

  1. Good luck with the politics. You’d have at least one of my votes.

    (As a side note, where did you find the information regarding fansites receiving a free year of game time? I was unaware that existed.)

    • I actually didn’t know about fansites receiving a free year until my blog was accepted … and I received my free year.

      I’ve probably opened up a whole new can of worms for CCP, haven’t I?

      • I’m sure you have, as I was never informed of that, and I’m sure many others were not as well. All the more reason for a candidate who can keep CCP accountable.

  2. A new can of worms indeed, Roc. I certainly didn’t get my free year. I may shoot an email off to CCP, since I have little interest in standing for election to the CSM (and less chance of a successful campaign, to be completely honest).

  3. Just shot an email to CCP Adida with this response:

    “All new blogs are set up on a trial phase before the media account is offered. This period usually lasts about 3 months. In the past we have had blogs apply for the fansite program and make one post and completely abandon the site.”

  4. Was wondering upon reading this, my blog is listed as a fansite, but I sure haven’t received a free year of account time yet. Not that it would have affected my decision, getting more traffic for all the work I put into blogging is all the reward I can ask for, the rest is optional though welcome should it happen.

    As for your post, that sucks man, I really hope you can get it resolved. You should fully continue with this, because this is indeed a hidden wrong, and as such you are already doing a lot by just pushing for candidacy in your position. Will await further news with great interest.

  5. This is a ludicrous situation. CCP should be utterly embarrassed by how you have been treated considering your contributions to the community. Unfortunately, CCP started CSM as an experiment and they seem to think that as such it does not deserve any business-like approach to specifying clear policies to cover common situations related to CSM eligibility.

    Regarding my blog, it was not made a fansite until well after I was elected to CSM5. Since my account was already comped for being on CSM5, it will not be comped (I assume) for being a fansite. Nor will I request for it to be once my CSM term and associated account comping are concluded.

    If CCP consults the CSM about your eligibility, I will without question vote in your favor and will rather bluntly state my opinion about CCP’s treatment of you. Regardless, I will email our advocates and express my opinion.

    However, if you run for CSM6, this is just a taste of what it’s like working with CCP. You might want to prepare yourself mentally for it. It’s not like any experience you’ve ever had with any other business situation in your entire life, trust me.

  6. Much as I would hate to go up against you in an election I do hope that this is sorted out and you are allowed to run.


  7. I was also unaware of the free play time till I got it. I’m also somewhat annoyed to find out that if I’d tried to run I would’ve been rejected(on a very strange technicality). Seems like running next year was a good move on my part.

  8. Yes, this is a bit of a BS situation if I say so myself. On the one hand, it’s a technicality but once again, CCP lack consistent communication and clear processes to handle routine issues like this. It frustrates me to no end to see things like this happen because it hurts those who CONTRIBUTE TO EVE and it embarrasses CCP themselves. In any case, I’m sure that you will get the situation rectified…the question is ‘when.’

    I agree with Hallan, though. I’m waiting on next year….so keep the CSM strong in the mean time if you get in. 😉

  9. Just a postscript: My CSM colleague Trebor and I have sent a letter to CCP on your behalf, expressing our concerns and urging quick resolution. We’ll do what we can regarding further communications with CCP.

  10. You know what is going to happen now…. everyone reading this post who has a fansite but does not get a free account (myself included) is going WTF! WHERE IS MY FREE ACCOUNT.

    I somehow suspect that they response about the 3 month thing is a significant exaggeration. I know a couple of people who do get free accounts, but it is more after a longtime association where they provide a real contribution the EVE community and thus value to CCP. But maybe I am wrong (I am checking through the hundreds of fake CCP emails to me from phishing sites to see if any of them are legit)

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