20 Minute Firefighter

Had the opportunity to do a tremendously challenging workout today. No pre-amble. Let’s get right to it. (for those that do not enjoy my fitness related posts, please do not unsubscribe, I am working on a new blog specifically for fitness related material).

20 Minute Firefighter


  • Begin in a push up position (feet spread), dumbbells in hand
  • Lower chest to floor (keeping body straight)
  • Press back to starting position
  • Row left dumbbell to chest
  • Return to starting position
  • Repeat for right right dumbbell row

That is one rep. I did 6 reps with 20 lbs.


  • Bend over and reach both hands to floor
  • Walk on hands out to push up position
  • Perform a push up
  • Walk on hands back to starting position

TIP: Keep a tight mid-section during exercise. I did 8 reps.


  • Begin on back with arms and legs fully extended
  • Curl legs up toward chest, then back to starting position
  • Curl upper body up and reach dumbbell toward feet
  • Slowly lower upper body back to starting position
  • Each curl/pullover equals one repetition

I did 8 reps with 20 lbs.


  • Begin on hands and balls of feet
  • Kick both feet up over head
  • Focus on pulling with abs on the way back down

TIP: Feet should be higher than head at top or arc

I did 10 reps.

Ok, that’s the four exercises. Not too hard, right? Yeah.

Now, set your timer for 20 minutes. Your objective is to perform as many rounds as possible within that 20 minutes. No rest. One set of all 4 exercises constitutes a round.

I did 4.75 rounds, but aim to do better next time.

Good luck!

2 responses to “20 Minute Firefighter

  1. Consider the gauntlet thrown down sir.

    A friend on twitter also threw this down a couple weeks ago and now it’s part of my weekly routine. After 30 minutes of HIIT (spin or treadmill) do as many burpees in 10 minutes as you can. Did 107 this morning. Added wrist weights and weighted gloves for more of a challenge. 🙂

    • Nice! I’m actually going to do a FitDeck Tabata workout next week. I also started wearing wrist and ankle weights to my one hour Zumba class. It really adds to the hurt.

      Keep up the good work Garlon!

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