ISK Guide 3.0

I’m a simple man. I shoot things. I get shot at. I like women. Women like me. It’s a good existence.

Something I’ve never fully grasped, nor particularly excelled at, is finances. When it comes to my ships, I fly whatever I can fit, from Rifters to T2/Faction fit Lokis. If I have ISK in my pocket while in the company of a fine female(s), I’ll spend what I have.

I need to get better at managing my money, or finding better ways to profit.


If only there was some type of offering, some book, some guide, that could help a regular guy like me understand the many ways of making ISK within New Eden. Isn’t there someone, anyone, that can help me?!?

What’s this? Oh sweet mother of chicken, it’s ISK Guide 3.0!!! And it’s FREE!!!


Seriously, download it. It’s free.


Thanks to the good folks at EON Magazine, as well as the author(s) of the guide for all their hard work. Hopefully they’ll release a hard copy of this book for me to buy.

3 responses to “ISK Guide 3.0

  1. a few things….
    1. that’s a really cute kitten you have
    2. The free isk guide taught me a lot
    3. the hard cover copy taught me so much more.

    Thanks for the info

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