Tis the Season

Overcrowded shopping malls, cash exchanging hands at an unprecedented rate, strangers fighting with each other over the last of a child’s top toy wish; ah Christmas!

Yet still I am full of Christmas Spirit this year; it’s the one time of year that people can make an excuse for my usual eccentricities.

So I have gifts! Nothing fancy mind you, but hey, it’s more than you got from that other blog you visit!

I spent some time on Singularity this weekend, playing with the character creator, seeing what I could come up with for good ol Roc.

Overall, it was a fun experience, and didn’t take that long to come up with something to share. Unfortunately, there are still no tattoos, so I added that in quickly (and poorly) in Photoshop. Few other things I noticed:

  • No trapezius muscle grouping. Hard to make his neck bulge
  • No chest muscle grouping really. I can move it up/down, make it more defined, but can’t increase the size. I noticed the females can be quite ample though. Hardly fair.
  • No height control. Roc is short. At least I hope he will be for Incarna.
  • Brutors have thick lips. Even with the minimum settings, Roc’s ancestry clearly shows through in CCP’s vision of the race moreso than my own 3D work. I will have to adjust mine more than likely, as CCP knows their own better than I would, right?

I have to admit though, I was impressed with the ability to age, as Roc has never been young in appearance since he became a Capsuleer. This was a nice touch. Thanks CCP!

So here we go, enough prefacing.

And there you have it, the current progress on ex-Matar Colonel Roc Wieler.

As an added gift for the ladies, here’s a little pinup for you to enjoy. Men, feel free to enjoy it as well, I guess.

The larger version can be downloaded by clicking through my Flickr gallery on the top right of my blog.

And finally, as Roc changes and develops, so does his story. To that end, he’s come a long way from the title track of Bio, so I’ve taken the time to redefine Roc’s title track, and made it available for your downloading pleasure, free of charge.


I’m sure there’s more in store before Christmas, so check back daily!

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