System Reset



I have always been a sucker for shiny things; whether it’s women in latex, the latest technologies (I was first of my peers to get the upgraded NeoCom), or a shiny new prototype ship. And while I’m willing to pay for all these great things, they are even more enjoyable when free.

In this particular instance, I’m referring to the Echelon, a shiny new ship bestowed upon the capsuleer masses to give us an edge over the Sansha incursion.

I had the option of having my new shiny delivered to my hangar in Dal, one system over. Knowing the hell hole that is Amamake, it made more sense for me to do so. I had suffered many losses in Amamake, and wasn’t about to foolishly through away a new ship.

The Hasimu, my Cynabal class cruiser, was fueled and ready for launch. I was eager to be away from this forsaken place.

Get your intel first. Find out if it’s clear to undock from an ally. Patience, Roc. Shiny, shiny, shiny!

I suppressed the nagging voice in the back of my head. It’s only one jump to Dal. There’s little chance of me running into anything I can’t handle at this time of day.

“Permission to undock and clear station granted.” the docking manager stated over comms.

I was good to go.

The tractor beams pulled my ship through the various undocking tubes until I could see open space, and what appeared to be some type of battle going on, which wasn’t uncommon for Amamake. Still, I would have to be on my toes and slip through unseen. The undocking procedure was automated, so my fate had already been decided.

I willed Aura to bring all systems online and put my combat systems on standby.

“Greetings capsuleer, and welcome to the Aura Neural Interface. My advanced networking capabilities, combined with the most modern of Empire technologies will allow you to …”

Oh hell no. Told you. Shut up, voice!

Aura was communicating her first run messaging. My system had been reset. I quickly pulled up my HUD as the station docking tractor beam released me. Everything had been reverted to factory default. How did I miss that?

You didn’t do a preflight check is how.

I immediately aligned for the star closest to my current bearing, but I was too late. I heard the familiar blaring of target lock, and before I could react, I was being warp scrambled.

“This is capsuleer Roc Wieler, requesting emergency docking clearance. I’m under attack outside the station by a hostile squad of pirates.”

I set the request to cycle as I turned towards the station. I did not want to engage in any way, or Concord would flag my hostile activity and docking clearance would be denied.

I cycled up the magnetic scattering amplifier, but it was probably a useless gesture on my end. This ship wasn’t combat ready. It was hard to even tell how many ships were attacking me from the pirate blob I could see visually as my overview was crammed down into a small pane on my HUD. I frantically tried to expand it, to at least garner a fighting chance here, all the while hoping the docking manager would respond to my distress call.

My shields failed rapidly, followed by my armour, and still no response from the station.

I managed to see that there were only three assailants directly involved in this attack; two Lokis and an Ashimmu. Lovely.

I watched my hull disintegrate and immediately knew my pod was in jeopardy. As my ship rocked, exploding brilliantly around me, I couldn’t even orient myself before I experienced a bright flash of light and woke up cursing in a clone chamber.

My ship had been lost. My implants had been lost. As I checked the records on the monitoring station, I also came to the dread realization that even some of my heavy ships training had been lost.

Not a good day.

OOC: Thanks to @TheSlayerEve for educating my dumb ass on the wonders of exporting my overview, as well as backing up my settings folder before patch day.

Just goes to remind me that we’re always noobs in EVE Online.

5 responses to “System Reset

    • I’ve already filed a petition with the authorities at the station. Doubtful I will get the resolution I seek, considering it’s not a global issue that affects everyone consistently, even though they are very aware the issue exists for many.

  1. The redock timer is 30 seconds, as is the undock invulnerability timer. This means that it is impossible to die undocking unless you a) get outside the dock radius or b) get targeted before the timer is up. You can use ctrl+space to stop without ending the timer early. If there are hostiles on the station, wait 30 seconds (until your session timer ends) and then warp. After telling it to warp, select the station so that you can dock immediately if you get pointed.

    If your ship is going to die and you aren’t bubbled, select something you can warp to and spam the warp button. Your pod will warp before you can be locked.

  2. Argyle speaks the truth, although knowing this I was still killed in Ama the other day by a similar fast locking Loki setup.

    It’s good to be reminded every now and then just how dangerous that system is.

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