Open Broadcast to all pilots of New Eden


The tension was palpable throughout the fleet. The increased reports of massive, aggressive Sansha Nation fleets had been sending rumours and fear throughout the Empires.

I had engaged the Sansha many times. I had survived each encounter. Fear can consume us. Fear can elevate something inconsequential to unbelievable heights. That is how Sansha thrived. His was a mind game.

I smirked. Two could play that game.


(OOC: I’m not well versed in hosting on dropbox, please let me know if this failed)

I hoped that would motivate the fleets gathered to oppose this incursion of the Sansha Nation.

OOC: As an aside, it’s a good day for audio. The good folks at Eve Commune have released Episode 7 of their podcast, and graciously interviewed me. It was a great experience, and I want to once again express my sincere gratitude for this opportunity.

8 responses to “Open Broadcast to all pilots of New Eden

  1. I hope the Sansha know what they’re gettin’ into mate. Because let me tell you, they ain’t going to know what hit ’em when my pilots finish with ’em. It’s time they know fear, suffering, and death. And I’m just the lowlife bastard to give it to ’em.

    Jack Carrigan
    Shadow Wing Lead/Commanding Officer
    Order of the Shadow
    Shadow Confederation

  2. Colonel, you have my pod at your disposal. I am also putting together a group of like minded pilots to counter act those Capsuleers so warped as to defend the Sansha against us.

    The Nation will burn!

    ~Chainer Cygnus

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