TRX Professional

SUNDAY NOV 21, 2010

  • TRX Strength Workout – check
  • TRX Cardio Workout – check
  • TRX Flexibility Workout – check
  • TRX with exercise ball – check
  • TRX with stability ball – check
  • TRX with kettle bell – check
  • TRX core principles – check
  • TRX safety – check
  • TRX custom training programs – check
  • TRX group training session – check
  • Completely exhausted and spent Roc – check
  • Newly certified TRX Professional – check

For those of you that have been following my blog for a while, you’ve probably noticed some changes this year. In a way, it’s ironic, as the real me is physically becoming closer to the virtual me that is Roc Wieler; but that’s a humourous aside.

You may have noticed that there has been a noticeable increase in my fitness related posts, and a decline in my EVE related posts.

While that is good for me on a personal level, as my passion for fitness has grown and I’m actually hoping to harness that passion and pursue professional personal training and further certifications. It’s bad for Roc Wieler, at least in the sense that his personal growth and development have taken a back seat to my real life, which is healthy and normal of course.

Please don’t think I’m announcing Roc’s retirement, or the end of this blog. Not at all.

I like Roc. I enjoy being him. I enjoying nurturing him and seeing him progress. I enjoy EVE Online. I enjoy the community. I enjoy Mynxee. Regularly.

What I’m getting at in my own roundabout way, is that I am going to create a second blog for myself in 2011; one solely dedicated to my real life fitness pursuits, and put the focus of Roc’s Ramblings back where it belongs: about Roc and about EVE Online.

I know many of you have enjoyed my blog. I know some of you haven’t enjoyed the shift in focus. I get that.

Ultimately, this blog is for me, and for me alone, but I do owe you. I owe you more good writing, more music, more great contests. You have been good to me, each and every one of you. You have elevated my character, nurtured my pursuits surrounding this fantastic game we play, as well as been there with me every step of the way through my personal achievements.

Though I say it many times, I can never properly convey how thankful I am for that. You motivate me to be more, to do more, to accomplish more, to lead by example. You inspire me to try things far beyond my comfort level, to embrace life more fully than I ever have in the past.

So stay tuned, cult O Roc, good things are coming all around.

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