Tyrannis: The Fields

– by Sadic Anark

It was a perfect summer day, the sun was high in the sky, only surrounded by a few fluffy white clouds. The fields painted with an almost infinite variety of greens extended over the hills. His eyes were fixed in the blue sky as his memory traveled trough time and space to a far away world not so long ago, when his family and him were taken aboard huge ships, along thousands of people, and traveled several days to this place… this place that his father called “home”. He was only 4 years old, and he didn’t had much memories of his past life before the long travel. He remembered his mother kneeling every morning to pray to someone called “God”, as his father looked down to her with a extremely sad look on his face. He also remembered his parents fighting the first night they were on the huge space ship; his mother was on the floor, crying quietly, as his father talked about “being finally free”, “beginning a new life”, “going back home”, “being a proud member of the Minmatar Tribes”, an another things that he didn’t quite understand yet. The only words that came out of her mother lips that night were “God is going to punish all of us for this”.

How could this little boy know that his first memories where from one of the most significant events in all of New Eden in the past decades? How could he even start to understand that he was one of the last Starkmanir alive? That he and his family had such a huge signification in the political landscape of the entire galaxy? He had been told that they were now at home, that he was now free of chains… it was weird, he didn’t remember being chained before, what was all this people talking about? The only things he knew for a fact was that they were living in the countryside of a small city in this new planet, he remembered his father coming back from working on large fields like the one he was lying on now on the past… but now he came back home smiling, he couldn’t understand the difference between the old planet and this new one, except that the one with the sad look on her face was now his mother. He was thinking about this when his eyes started to close, and a peaceful and warm feeling invaded his little body bathed by the sun… just before falling sleep on the grass he thought he heard his father shout his name.

The serious Minmatar soldiers stood near the large vehicle, already filled to the top with the possessions of this last family on the area… waiting just another few minutes… it was sad, but they couldn’t wait more than that. The father moved desperately from one place to another, shouting at the top of his lungs his only child’s name, the mother remained quiet, his hand tied together in a silent prayer. The soldiers had already prevented the father from running down to the huge farming field several times, and despite the fact that they felt sorry for them, they knew that there wasn’t much time left… they were arriving at any moment now.

Finally the order was given, and the soldiers grabbed the couple and took them into the vehicle, despite the tears running without stop on their faces and the desperate, although futile, resistance of the father. The transport accelerated fast trough the road, leaving the farm and the fields behind. The broken family in the back kept crying without stop… some of the soldiers cried as well.

He was dreaming. He was hiding in his house, wile he heard the steps going up the stairs… he wanted to shout, but he was afraid of the person coming up. He remembered his mother words… “God is going to punish all of us”. But he didn’t understood why this God person was now coming after him, he always made some trouble in the house, but it wasn’t that bad was it? He heard the steps outside his bedroom door… the sound of the door handle made him shiver… he opened his eyes. At first he didn’t realize were he was… the sun was gone but he couldn’t see a single star in the sky. Suddenly a tremendous roar filled the air, silencing any other sound, he could feel the heat wave long before seeing the light above him, getting bigger and bigger every second… his heart started beating faster and faster as his worst nightmare became real: HE was here and there was no place to hide.

The last thought on his mind was a single word, a question asked billions of times along the history of mankind, and never answered properly… “Why me?”. Every single particle of his mind and body was obliterated, without any time for pain, as the ship’s afterburners slowly took the immense spacecraft to the now completely scorched fields that were once the new dream of a freed slaves family.

Fenrir-class Freighter, in orbit around Gelfiven V.

The channel opened with a small blink, the smiling face of a gallente woman appeared in front of him. “- Sir, everything ready in this system, the last Planetary Command Center is being deployed in Gelfiven V”. The minmatar in the capsule smiled to himself… “- Great job Lieutenant, told the guys to get ready to move to the next system, and leave a small fleet behind to roam the system in case someone has the stupid idea of come to OUR planets looking for trouble”, “Has you command, sir”.

The large fleet aligned to the stargate and warped, in his tireless march trough the region taking possession of the planetary resources, out of their reach until now. A perfect, massive, unstoppable and inevitable force, roaming the entire Galaxy in search of profit… and power.

The new Gods were leaving behind they brand new temples of destruction.

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