Tyrannis: No Way Home

– by Sciabada Nishiani

When she closes her eyes she could still smell the fragrance that the moist sea wind would carry to the shores of her home planet. Her memory of “That” day where still crystal-clear. All her childhood she had lived on the southern shores of the province of Arghun’T Anerr a daughter of a simple fisherman. Her mother had died giving birth to her little brother when she was Five.

She remembered the tales she was told as a child. Terrifying tales of demigods roaming the space between the stars, presumingly kidnapping children that wont obey their parents. Every night she gazed upon the stars and wondered if they really existed.

It was costume on her planet that once in a lifetime a citizen would undertake a pilgrimage and visit the temple of Karret A’Tnagar on the mountain of Kareen Shaled when they become Of Age. It was a trip organized by The Order who also took care of all education on her planet. The priests would screen the children and advise what direction they should take to fit the society’s needs. Aged 12 they would undertake the pilgrimage to the temple and visit the sanctuary within. It is there where all the scrolls, scripts and artifacts that spoke about those demigods where held. In the eyes of a child they all look strange and intimidating. But there is one that really leaves a mark: its a huge egg-shaped thing with lots of wires inside and a strange smell. The priests called it a Capsule. Every child that came Off Age spent a night with the priests at the temple and heard the story of a glorious race that came through a Portal to settle the universe. Gods for sure, she assumed as a child. Who else could fly among the stars. Only beings with wings could fly. So she figured that these gods surely where immensely big and had huge wings. She asked the priests to see pictures from those Gods. But all they could show her where strange designs she did not understand and that Capsule.

But as children are she did not give it any further thought once back to her daily routine. Enjoying the vast beaches of the southern shores she passed her time playing with her brother and friends, attending school and doing all those things children do. Only at night, when the stars where out on the sky her thoughts went back to the temple.

She had heard of nobody ever to have actually seen one of Them also simply because They did not interfere with the planets. They only protected them from other powerful
beings They called The Enemy. Therefore the planet-dwellers had to be grateful They where out there looking after them.

But all of this changed one sunny day when the sky suddenly turned dark. She was 16 and on the beach with her father helping fixing the nets when she saw a big dark something
covering the sun. It descended slowly upon them growing bigger and bigger. Out of its belly hundreds of smaller things emerged. Each taking a different direction and most of
them disappearing behind the horizon. One landed in a field close by and all villagers gathered around it. A door opened and a man dressed like the priests stepped out. He
looked at the gathered crowd and told them to go home as he had no business with them. More men stepped out. They looked different. Without neither visible face nor hands. As
nobody moved one rose his arm and a blue flash came out of it. The crowd panicked and dispersed in terror.

That day changed her life forever. They came in the evening to her house telling her father that their for fathers had chosen her and that she had the Gene. Chosen for what?
They put her in their air vehicle and left the planet.

For the first time she met Them. Or at least one of Them. After a flight that seemed to last an eternity they arrived at a space station where She was waiting for her. She sat in one of those capsules she had seen in the temple on her home-world. The strange smell was much stronger with Her than back there. She told her to follow carefully her tutorial. At the end she would be one of Them. She was chosen to become a Demi-God herself.

The training was hard and painful. The first time they put her into her capsule was the worst pain sheʼd ever felt. They gave her drugs to endure it better but they where not
strong enough. The pain was there non the less.

Soon they sent her out doing missions because she was good. Her specialty was electronic warfare they said and to that she was educated.

She had to admit, the fun was so much better than the stupid games with her friends back on the planet.

They sent her places she could not even imagine. She even saw the original Wormhole! Of course now she had access to all the knowledge of the Universe and by the Merciful
Sisters she sucked all of it into her brain via the links.

Soon she left the safety of her tutorial station and left out to make her own fortune becoming a mercenary. Big corporations where out there mining asteroids and harvesting moons and they always needed soldiers for their dirty jobs.

Her wealth grew but with it the need for more drugs and more wealth. Outlaw space was a tough place and only the best survived.

All was good until one day the big corporations discovered the wealth that lies within the planets. Greed is a poor host indeed.

The invasions began and she was called once again to do the only job she new: Killing!

She looked aside when corporations enslaved entire planets to their misdemeanor because the pay was good and the drugs even better.

She looked aside when soldiers killed men, women and children that stood in their way.

She looked aside when entire planets where destroyed by the strong mining beams.

Yesterday she did what she always does. Killing and looking aside.

Then suddenly she overheard a transmission. She heard that the mountain of Kareen Shaled held enormous treasures and she knew what that meant.

Kareen Shaled? Where had she heard that name before? Her drugged mind could not grasp the exact location of that memory on her brain.

And suddenly it hit her like a torpedo! Kareen Shaled! The sacred mountain on her planet!

No, no, no! That canʼt be! They should protect the planets! Not destroy them!

She had to do something! Too often had she seen how those operations went!

Inhabited planets where given to choose the life of miners or taken by force. Decent corporations fished the planet-dwellers with the promise of development and wealth, exploiting every man, woman and child. Those who refuse faced certain death.

Not to speak about the death and diseases the mining operations brought with them. The choice was a false one: either you choose for instant death or an agonizing one. Then there it was: Her home-planet. At the very center of a battle in the space surrounding it. The resources where extraordinarily rich she heard. In stealth mode she flew through the guarding ships. She wanted to see for herself what was going on on the surface.

What she saw was total destruction in most of the places. Foot-soldiers fighting to win ground. Her village was gone and so was her house. Hacking into the information network
she found out what cruelty her planet has been exposed to. The images where compelling and so was the smell that accompanied them. She found out that her brother had been fit
to ride the big mining drones (he had part of the Genetic Code after all).

But in a war even if youʼre only a miner in a drone you become enemy target if youʼre working for the wrong corporation.

Her father was too old and therefore useless to the corporations. He rebelled when they took her brother and they shot him.

Her brother was drugged and plugged into the mining drone. But he was still alive somewhere!

That was when she knew what had to be done!

She hacked a little deeper into the information network and located her brother and waited for the right moment. She locked a tractor beam on him and pulled him up in his drone.

One last thing she wanted to do before leaving the planet.

She flew over the wast ocean and aired the ventilation system of her ship sucking in the moist air from the surface.

The tingling of the moist air she felt on her skin was real!

The smell of the sea was strong this time!

For the first time in decades her brain was free of drugs and free of pain.

She took a deep breath of that moist air and listened deeply to the sound of the waves in her memories, ignoring completely the proximity warnings from her shipsʼ sensors while flying directly into the bright sun ahead that had illuminated her world when she still was a planet-dweller, long ago, in another life!

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