Tyrannis: Data Lost

– by Atern E’Ruz


***iner but no disart. not fare.


momy sais we hafe to move. momy sais i cant go to skool bicuse the ski pepel are may king a faktorie ware the skool is. I dont no ware we are moveing to. i hop lexan moves to. lexan is my bast frend.


the ship is big. it ha***


***ver I get my own speeder.


Why do they even call it high school? Why not just “Job Fair?” Back home the only thing that even looked like a corporation was the Farmer’s Market. Now that the entire place is one big factory, along with everywhere else in the region, it’s like there’s no real education anymore, just “Oh, that guy is good with poetry? Who cares, here’s some ore to be reprocessed.” I know, I know…factories keep the worlds spinning, the ships flying, etc., etc. Don’t they have enough people to do that already?


I got my essay back. I lost marks because I, and I quote, “failed to correctly add enough corporate loyalt***


***pending on where I’m accepted. I still have my final exams to worry about, but after that I’ll be off this rock, and hopefully able to settle somewhere that doesn’t look like a giant warehouse.


POWER GRID ANALYST??!? Oh, if Mom could have seen this. How can they possibly think that I’d be good at, or even WANT to be a Power Grid Analyst? Being in a factory all day, staring at bars and numbers, making sure everything is “within parameters?” It’s just a placement though, right? I mean, I don’t have to do it, it’s just what they feel I’m best suited for. Right? Right?!? What choice do I have though? Either make my lousy excuse for a school recruiter happy by signing away the next 75 years of my life to whichever corporation has paid him more this month, or facing the general embargo on planets that refuse industrial takeover… I might look good in a white coat and clipboard…


My shuttle to the factory power generation center leaves in two hours, and I can’t fin***


***ething other than Quafe Ultra…


LEXAN!!! I couldn’t believe it when she stepped off the transport! I almost didn’t recognize her at first, but when she scanned in…LEXAN!!! What has it been, ten years? Twelve? What are the chances of us meeting like this again? I’m good with numbers, but I couldn’t do the math on the odds! Who cares? She’s here! We’re going to the cafeteria after my shift, she doesn’t start until next week. I wish I could take her to somewhere that serves real food, but even the ca***


***hree days, and I couldn’t be happier! I’ve saved up everything for the ceremony, and used BOTH my days off for our honeymoon. This will last forever!


Back from our honeymoon in the recreation center! I still can’t believe the guys from engineering managed to smuggle a real cake in for the reception! Right past the Overseer too! Lexan and I feasted on that cake our entire vacation! It feels so odd going back to work after two days off. I wonder if they all still remember my name there! I heard something before I left about another corporation thinking of buying us out…I wonder if I’ll get another two days of vacation if that happens? The las***


***alks with the other CEO. Everyone is saying that they’ll reach a deal soon though. It’s all this back and forth negotiations that are driving me crazy. Just pick a logo, stick it on the side of the building, and be done with it!


I heard from Khalfen in Accounting that the negotiations with the other CEO aren’t going so well. Maybe that’s a good thing. I mean, if nothing changes, then nothing changes. If this new corporation takes over and decides to move people around, or even replace them…no. I can’t think of that. Lexan and I come as a team. Even Capsuleers have hearts…wait. Do they?


See? What was I worried about? The other CEO left, everything is back to normal here, and Lexan and I are still side by side every day and every night. Khalfen didn’t get too many details about the negotiations, but from what he heard our CEO didn’t like how the numbers added up. Always with the numbers.


They need to hire better maintenance crews. Nobody can sleep because the defense sirens are going off every few hours. It’s not a problem with the power grid, so I figure one of the outposts has an elecrti***


***ds us to work. Although it’s a little hard to concentrate when everyone is in a constant state of fear.


Two more of the reprocessing plants were destroyed today. That makes fifteen buildings now? It’s hard to keep track. “No time for mourning,” as the billboards say. At least we’re in a high security area. I’d hate to think of Lexan and I being in reprocessing or storage. She’s pretty shaken up about all this, Lexan is. She has…had a few friends in Storage Facility 3-29. They still haven’t been able to get a list of survivors yet, but I don’t expect any good news. I keep telling her that after this is all over and everything is safe again, we can think about starting a family. That would be good for us. Mom did the best she could with me, but we’d do even better! Maybe even apply for the management pre-school program so that our child would never even see the inside of a factory. I’ll see what Lexan thinks.


I told the Overseer that as long as we keep diverting power from the non-essential systems, the shielding should hold aroun***


***r calculate that much. I didn’t think it was possible. Lexan is scared. So am I.


There’s only enough power left for a few days. The fuel ships have been blockaded, or destroyed, and most of the reserves have already been blown sky-high. I can’t help thinking that if this all doesn’t get resolved soon, we won’t be ab***


***ays since they took Lexan to medical. Since she’s in operations, she should get decent treatment. They won’t let me see her, since they still need someone to run the po***


***ng to come home tomorrow. That is, if we survive that long. The CEO still insists on fighting instead of sitting down and talking it out. Doesn’t he know that we don’t have clones? I guess mortality is hard to grasp when you never ac***


***he medical bay. There’s no word if she had been released whe***


***e’ll come home. She’ll come home. She’ll come home. She’ll c***


***ire life has been ruined due to some stupid CEO deciding that it’s m***


***verheat the grid when they land. It’s the only chance I have for reven***


***nly fifty kilometers away from the surface, and they’re still shootin_


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